Rainy day

I expect there are lots of people in the UK waterlogged at the moment.  Thankfully where we are (at the top of a hill, but we do suffer from field run off), although the roads got bad due to the lack of decent any drainage, after the rain stopped at around 3, it did disperse quite quickly, even in our flooded patio.

Nursery had done a ring round as many of the villages in Warwickshire surrounding it were flooded or had closed roads, plus local schools had closed and got parents to pick up, so N was picked up early today.  Luckily I am off work most of this week, so was able to get him.

He had a blast playing with my drying umbrella.  I know it’s meant to be unlucky putting up umbrellas in the house, but how else are you meant to dry them?  He managed to avoid gouging out his eye or anyone else’s, so it was a fun 10 minutes for him before he then rushed off to the back room to check out the waterlogged patio.

He looks so grown up in this outfit. Not sure pink’s quite his colour though!
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