Trendy toddler tuesday: rugby boy

I’ve been sorting out N’s wardrobe recently as he’s been growing out of his 18-24m tops, so I’ve been getting out all the age 2-3 items I’ve been stocking up on over the last 6 months or so.  Trousers will take a little while to transfer as he’s got short legs relative to his body – he’s still in turn ups on some of his 18-24m trousers.

He’s got some great winter clothes, and I love the move to this next age group for clothes, as most shops have this as the switch from baby sizing into young boys.

Today he was in navy trousers – am wondering whether there’s just too much navy in his wardrobe as although I buy colours, I find there’s a lot of navy on the bottom half to contrast the top half with!  And a scrummy (hmm, apologies) rugby top.  I love him in stripes and anything collared seems to suit him well, although his dribble bibs don’t work so  well with those.

Multi-tasking – playing with his uncle’s old toy screwdriver/drill and his attention was caught by something on the tv.
Trousers – Next sale
Rugby Shirt – Sainsbury’s (love their ranges)
Dribble bib – Funky Giraffe
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  1. Doh.. I tried to comment on your post on Tuesday but I think my stupid phone ate the comment. I’m sorry I’m late getting to you. He looks lovely in his rugby shirt, love the big collar! xx

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