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I got very excited when I heard about BassBuds and the opportunity to try a pair out.  I’m the type of person who’ll live with whatever earphones come with a phone or mp3 player, or just buy the cheapest pair when I lose the originals…then wear those to death.  BassBuds are high performance in ear headphones, with hands free mic and mp3 controller.

They arrived today in what can only really be described as a beautiful presentation box:  I received the BassBuds Classic in Black which come in a black box.  Not just the earphones, they also come with spare earbuds in different sizes (6 pairs of silicone buds, 3 pairs of luxury memory foam for whichever’s most comfortable for you).  Oh, and a lovely velveteen drawstring bag to keep them in.

Everything included with the BassBuds

I’m not sure so far which of the bud types I prefer – I always find earphones fit well in my right ear, and not so well in the left, but maybe I’ve just got strange shaped ears.  They’re certainly very comfy in my ear, and the anti-tangle cable doesn’t irritate me as much as some do (ie, my mp3 player).

I’ve tried them with my smartphone so far; BassBuds are compatible with all smartphones (handy as I can use them with both my personal and work phone), and there’s a controller and mic on the cables so they can be used to control both mp3 music and phone calls.  Great for in the car if you need hands free.

The sound quality is really clear as well.  I’m not one for the intricacies of technology, but BassBuds use Advanced Crystaltronics technology.  They say:

Immerse yourself in a great sounding audio experience with Advanced Crystaltronics sound technology. Using noise isolation, ultra-distortion-free bass and crisp treble, take your audio experience to the next level.

Basically if like me, your existing headphones are greying and a bit on the rough side, then have a serious think about getting your hands on a pair of BassBuds.  If you’re up on technology you can shout about the crystaltronics technology; if you want great quality materials at a good price, these fit the bill.  Oh, and if you’re just a typical girl who wants something pretty, there’s a huge spectrum of colours to choose both the classics and fashion range.

The headphones have a funky look to them with a touch of bling – they use Swarovski ® Elements in them and there’s a crystal on each of the ear phones. I reckon they’re great for any age range due to the broad range of colours, and with Christmas coming up they would make brilliant presents for family or friends who’re into their phone or music.

BassBuds have given me a discount code to pass on to my blog readers, so if you’d like £5 off your order, please use code BB38472 and check out the range over at

Now all I need to do is keep them away from N (and my OH, who’s bound to want to have a fiddle and see if they’ll work with his phone)


I received a pair of BassBuds to review and a discount code to share, but all views are my own.

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