Toddler free luxuries

Today I’ve had a day off work with N still in nursery as he has less ‘holiday’ allocation for nursery than I obviously get from work.  My car was going in to service and for MOT, so I thought I’d have half the day mooching round town.  

It turned out to be a lot longer (long story, and probably not one I want to relive!), but I did have a first couple of lovely hours just mooching round where I wanted to go. It was a luxury being able to go out and about without a toddler’s indecision – in or out of the buggy, wanting to be carried.

Sitting leisurely in a coffee shop without worrying what he’ll get up to.

And best of all…using public toilets.  Not something that would usually be classed as a luxury, but when your toddler hates electric hand driers with a passion, tries to drag me away from the toilets whenever I go to open the door to them.  Well, it was bliss being able to use them without worrying about him. Unlike the poor lady in the cubicle next to me who’d brought her pram with sleeping baby in, and had wedged the door with her handbag and the pram outside so she could see what was happening with the baby.  (Wonder why she didn’t use the baby changing room as it does have a disabled toilet in there, when so many others don’t).  People building public loos don’t really think about where and how mums can leave their children/prams.

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