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Music Exploration with children 13 – classical music

I hadn’t even twigged that last month was a year since I started our music exploration.  I’m not sure what I’d planned had quite happened, but N has certainly been exposed to different types of music. And he’s enjoying a lot more than just ACDC which is what the aim was.

We’ve enjoyed rock, pop, jazz, classical, country, Disney and more.  This month has mostly been all about classical music courtesy of Classic FM’s Hall of Fame over Easter.

Listening to:

Classical Hall of Fame on Classic FM.  I do love the annual top 300 countdown of the public’s favourite classical music, and quite often vote for my favourites.  This year I’d forgotten to do so, but remember to change the car radio and radio in the kitchen to Classic FM on 3 of the 4 days.  At first N wasn’t impressed because when I suggested listening to music because he wanted his own music player on and not mine.  But I put the classical music on and there was no more fuss.

At home it was really background music for N, but there was no complaining – we had it on most of the day while at home.  But in the car we were able to listen out for different instruments – really it was me saying this is a violin, oboe, flute etc, and listen out for it again.

I’m not usually keen on playing classical music in the car, because you can never hear the quiet parts so turn the volume up, and then you get blasted out when the loud parts come in.  But it was a success with N in the car, especially with most of the popular pieces long enough to get into them, but not too long for N to get bored with one piece.    Over the weekend he really seemed to enjoy hearing music around the house.  I definitely need to play more I think.

Dancing to:

Disney cds.  Yes, the Disney cds have been played quite a bit this month, and we’ve had Jungle Book on dvd as well as me having to read the book at bedtime.  So I’ve heard a few renditions of Bare Necessities again.  It’s a good job N now has a wider repertoire so it doesn’t get too annoying hearing him sing.


A marching band playing on the tv.  It’s not often you see a marching band, but N ran into the living room just in time to see the uniformed band playing.  He stopped immediately and was transfixed. I asked if he knew what the instruments were and I was surprised that he looked blank, even when I said it was a trombone.  I think it’s time to find a children’s orchestral concert somewhere so he can get a bit closer to more of the instruments.

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    1. Definitely a good way to wind down, and I always used to find it easier for revision when I was older. No words to distract unlike pop music!

  1. You may want to check out a book called “The Story of The Orchestra” it is a great resource for studying classical music. It’s got a CD and is all about the different instrument families, music, and composers. You’d love it!

  2. I love listening to classical music with my children. We went through a stage of listening to the same piece, which we called “the Trumpet Song”, for literally a year, in the car! I like your idea of trying different types of music, I will try that. Anything to avoid hearing “I’m a gummy bear” over and over!

  3. Thanks for a hosting a lovely linky, This is my first time, and so pleased you pointed me in this direction! Also lovely to hear a good marching band being appreciated. This is what I used to do and what hubby does. Music is so important to me and its nice to see other families enjoying it too! 🙂 xx

    1. Thanks for linking up. There’s so many families who enjoy music, and I like to find out what else is out there to try. So it’s great to find like minded bloggers.

      Cool that you were/are in a marching band. I never did the marching, but always wanted to…although maybe not the playing in the cold. Always a nightmare with the clarinet!

  4. I love this linky being musical myself. I’m so pleased to read that he likes a military marching band as that is what I used to do and what hubby does. 🙂 Thank you xx

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