N is a snacker.  He obviously takes after me because I graze throughout the day too, something that his dad definitely doesn’t do.  But N would eat from breakfast through to tea given half the chance.  So I do like to have a selection of snacks available just in case.  When we’re out and about, I need snacks that are easy to carry, don’t need lots of little pots, but can just fit easily in whatever bag I have with me (ideally a small bag!).  Raisins are a convenient choice for us, and because N drinks water most of the time (at least when out and about), I’m not too worried about his teeth and eating too many sweet snacks.

We were offered the chance to try some of the Clearly Scrumptious range for adults and children.  All the products are:

  • 100% natural
  • Have no added sugar
  • No colours or preservatives
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan
  • 1 of your 5 a day.

I’m always keen on no added sugar, and although I don’t think N really seems to be affected by old style sweets that some children get hyper after, I still prefer natural products if he’s snacking in between meals.

Scrumptious dried fruit range

Clearly Scrumptious are the standard range of healthy treats.  All are in little white bags, and aren’t just the same old dried fruits.  The range includes cranberries, strawberries, apple slices and golden berries (I think they’re physalis).  As soon as I opened the box, N was straight in there.  He didn’t care that they were meant to be for me!  My favourite was the apple slices – and I’m not usually a fan of non-potato crisp type of foods.

Scrummies are the new children’s range.  They’re raisins and dried cranberries naturally flavoured with other fruit flavours.  As an adult I always think changing the flavour of raisins and other fruit is a bit odd, but that doesn’t seem to bother N.  He loves to have individual packs, that are a good size for his hands, and have a decent amount of food in.  I’d say they’re just the right size for a snack for him.

They’re easy to open, but not so easy that children can easily get into them, rip the pack and drop the food all over the floor before eating it against your wishes.  Just my child then?!  Although he solves the not being able to get into snack packs, by getting out his scissors and cutting them open.  I despair sometimes!

Scrummies snacks

Still, the snacks have gone down well, N’s been excited by having new choices, and with each pack he’s been interested to find out what the fruit was.

If you fancy trying any of the Clearly Scrumptious products, you can buy them on the Clearly Scrumptious website by flavour or mixed boxes, and I’ve got a discount code for you. Just enter BubbaBlue10 at checkout for 10% off orders until the end of June 2015.

I also have a prize to give away for one lucky reader, a box of Clearly Scrumptious and Scrummies.

competitionprize clearly scrumptious

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Disclosure: We were sent a selection of Clearly Scrumptious products for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.


  1. Natalie Crossan

    I love strawberries and I’d eat these on the go 🙂

  2. Natalie Crossan

    I love strawberries and I’d eat these on the go 🙂

  3. Elaine Hollis

    Pineapple. They’d be ideal for taking to work.

  4. Herbert Appleby

    My favorite fruit is cherries, big juicy ones.

  5. Emma Beckett

    Strawberries are my favorite. I would take these to work with me as a healthier snack!

  6. Charlotte hoskins

    Nectarine. Would eat these on picnics with my daughter 🙂

  7. Jackie Rushton

    Apple – i would eat these snacks for lunch at work!

  8. Andrew Seaman

    Nectarines, I would eat them on my balcony

  9. Sarah Phillips

    Can’t beat a banana in our house. These snack would be perfect for the after school before ballet gap!


    Strawberries are my favourite, these would be great to eat at work.

  11. angela edmonds

    My favourite fruit has to be banana.I would probably eat your snacks when i was rushing around as a quick fix

  12. Jane Wilson

    I love strawberries. These snacks would be great for my childrens packed lunch

  13. Lisa Valentine

    I love mango, and I would put them in my packed lunch at work!

  14. natalee gosiewski

    mine is Raspberries and i would eat them anywhere great to keep in handbag me and kids peckish then they would be handy but also they would be great for a picnic in this fab weather

  15. Pauline Black

    Grapes and I eat and them everywhere. I started taking little tubs of cut up fruit with me when I was looking after my 3 year old grandson. His snacks are always fruit and its very handy to just pop a small tub into any bag I was carrying. Grapes are my fab although he prefers strawberries and blueberries. I take those tubs to work to snack on . He has been a very good influence on me!

  16. Georgia Dowler

    Cherry’s and I would take these on a picnic!

  17. Loredana Spano

    I love strawberries! I would take these snacks for a picnic in the park

  18. Lisa Hoyle

    My daughter loves all dried fruit and has them everyday in her lunchbox

  19. Denielle Nicol

    Bananas and I would eat these snacks whist out on my balcony watching the river go by 🙂 Dxx

  20. Gemma Chantler

    Me and my daughter love grapes. We eat them at home on their own, with yoghurt and out and about in snack pots.

  21. Michelle Kemp

    Strawberries, anywhere and everywhere

  22. Louise Kat Whittaker

    Pineapples. We would have these on trips out

  23. steven beasley


    If i would i would give them to my nephew and niece to enjoy them as a mid day snack.

  24. Chris Fletcher

    I love peaches. I would eat them on the bus!

  25. sarah Stevens

    strawberries and i literally eat them anywhere!!

  26. Zinzi Graham

    I love any berries! I’m constantly having to get trains for work so I’d keep these in my bag for when I’m travelling.

  27. Jeremy Andrews

    I really enjoy Strawberries.
    If I won then these would be my mid morning snack at my office desk.

  28. Emma Ellams

    Raisins are my favourite easy snack, I would eat these as a healthy snack at work 🙂

  29. Chrissie

    My Favourite fruit’s are blueberries, mango, bananas, lychees and Sharon fruit, perfect for carrying with me on short and long journeys, nourishing and nutritious.

  30. Lesley Deller

    Grapes. The snacks are ideal for lunch boxes, adults and children.


    Love strawberries, my daughter would eat while travelling in the car.

  32. Paul Walsh

    My favourite fruit are strawberries and I would probably eat them snacks at work.

  33. caroline tokes

    pineapple normally as mid morning snack at home

  34. Gillian Hale

    My favourite fruits are Mango or Pineapple. We would eat these on a family picnic by the river.

  35. Angela Williams

    i love mango and once cut up I eat it anywhere and everywhere

  36. Paula Barker

    Banana, for my mid-morning snack at work

  37. Michelle

    Pink lady apples. Work, home car when I peckish

  38. Leanne Bell

    Strawberries – I could eat them all day long x

  39. Kerry Lethbridge

    I’m allergic to most fresh fruit but these would be amazing for when I’m out and about with my twins

  40. cherries – on our way to the nursery 🙂

  41. Sophie Lester

    My favourite fruit is grapes.
    I would eat the snacks at work to keep me going! 🙂

  42. Cassandra Mayers

    I love Mango and I would eat these on the go and while travelling.

  43. Hazel Rea

    Cherries – I would eat these snacks anywhere especially on days out.

  44. Kirsty Fox

    Plums, I would take these to work to snack on

  45. Apples and I’d eat them after my morning gym class to get me going until lunch

  46. Sarah Palmer

    Bananas I would eat them anywhere and everywhere x

  47. My favourite fruit is melon. I would eat the snacks on my commute.

  48. karyn smith

    I love pineapple, pears and grapes and I’d take these snacks with me when I was out walking.

  49. justine l

    My fav is fresh pineapple, i frickin love it, id eat these for snacks on my walks 😀

  50. justine l

    My fav is fresh pineapple, i frickin love it, id eat these for snacks on my walks 😀

  51. Martina Alban

    apple and I will eat it whenever and wherever I feel like it

  52. olivia kirby

    Mine is melon but I only eat it at home

  53. Michelle Hughes (@shell_shoez27)

    I love grapes I find they are so refreshing. I tend to eat them on the way to work.

  54. karen Howden

    My favourite fruit are strawberries and would love to eat them wherever I go

  55. Nicola Holland

    Cherries are our favourites and we would use them as a snack after school or on picnics 🙂

  56. jo liddement

    I love clematines and I would eat these snacks with my son when we go out to the beach and walks.

  57. Emma Wolski

    My fave is banana and I eat it on a sandwich or in yoghurt at work!

  58. Eve Burke

    I love oranges but they are such a pain to peel. My 4 year old loves fruit snacks – we always much them out and about and at home!

  59. amanda davis

    My fav is banana and i would most likely eat these at home

  60. Victoria Prince

    My favourite fruit is cherries, though I don’t get to indulge often as they’re expensive!

    I would eat these anywhere and everywhere – they’re useful for every occasion 🙂 great as part of a lunch box (adult or child!) or on the go. I’d definitely end up eating them waiting for the bus!

  61. Kristina Trick

    Banana but I’d give these snacks to my toddler when we are out for the day.

  62. Lauren Old

    Blueberries, and I would eat them at work

  63. Annmarie Jefferies

    Strawberries are the perfect snack for me

  64. Kirsty Woods

    Raspberries, i would put them in the kids lunch

  65. Laura Vitty

    Raspberries 🙂 these snacks would be great for break times at work

  66. Donna Caldwell

    Pears normally eat them after lunch at home

  67. Debbie Preston

    I love raspberries. I would eat them at work

  68. Michelle Wild

    Apricot and I eat it in scones or anywhere, anyway any time I can.

  69. Leanne Newsome

    Strawberries and i’d eat them in the park

  70. Laura Whittle

    Strawberries. These would be great for my kids when we are out and about, after school on the way home when they always complaint they’re hungry and at home.

  71. Debbie Nichols

    I love bananas and pineapple. These would be taken with us on day trips. Handy fillers when people are peckish but it’s not lunchtime yet.

  72. Minnie Rose

    Banana is the favourite fruit in our family! I would take these snacks out on trips to the park and picnics 🙂 x

  73. Michaela Hannah

    My favourite fruit is bananas, we would eat these snacks on our family outings, they would be perfect!

  74. My favourite fruit is pineapple. These would be going to work with me!

  75. Caroline Blaza

    Bananas are my favourite. I would eat this at work.

  76. tracy sinclair

    My favourites are Raspberries and Banana’s. I would probably give these to my little Granddaughter as she loves the packs of dried fruit and they’re better for her than sweets x

  77. jamie banks

    my fav fruit is bannana and i would eat my snack with my mum at her house in the garden x

  78. I love strawberries and I would eat these at work

  79. Deb Alexander

    We love dried mango and eat it anywhere and everywhere! My eldest son loves eating some on his way to school! Many thanks for running this great competition x

  80. elaine stokes

    I love apples, I would have these snacks in the afternoon, as a fill me up before tea

  81. Jade Walsh

    My favourite fruit is Bananas and Orange’s and I would give these snacks to my little sister so she can take them into school and show all her friends =)

  82. Brian Cheney

    I love oranges, but always eat them near a sink – they are so messy.

  83. irene gilmour

    strawberry s and i would use them for when we are on the go with kids

  84. Danielle Cresswell

    Strawberries and raspberries I eat them with breakfast or as a snack

  85. reg vandra

    Bananas – eaten on a sunny day at the beach

  86. Allan Wilson

    Banana’s and I eat them anywhere anytime.

  87. donna l jones

    Strawberries and would eat them on park trips

  88. Kim Styles

    as a part of breakfast or as a snack at work! i love cherries

  89. Christine Caple

    Strawberries, and they would be great for travelling

  90. Juli Savage

    Pineapple – Tangy and sweet tasting – these snacks would be ideal for school lunch boxes or picnics in the back garden

  91. Spencer Broadley

    bananas – and on edge of local lake

  92. Strawberries, I snack on them at home throughout the day!

  93. Christine Lockley

    We love to snack on apples and grapes – except when they’ve got all battered and bruised in the bottom of my bag. These little packs would be great for the day trips we have planned during the school holidays.

    Thanks for the chance to win x

  94. melanie stirling

    Bananas and grapes are my favourite.They would be ideal to eat in the car on long journeys.

  95. chani lewis

    Our favourite snack are strawberries, which come on every summer picnic with us x

  96. laura jayne bates

    i love grapes and i snack on them when i have a sweet craving

  97. Spencer Broadley

    Favourite is bananas – we have a lake close by that is a great place for picnics,etc

  98. claire little

    I love Grapes and I eat them at work and home 🙂

  99. Nathan Webb

    Favorite fruit is bananas & I would eat this snack when teaching my martial arts classes to keep me going!

  100. Corinne Peat

    I love mangos. We would eat these at the park.


    Favourite fruit is strawberries, grandson would eat the snacks

  102. Monica Gilbert

    I love most fruit but would probably choose strawberries as my favorite. These snacks would be great when traveling with my daughter.

  103. MichelleD

    I love kiwi fruit, i’d take these snacks on picnics!

  104. Cheryl Irvine

    My favourite fruit is Mango, so succulent and sweet. I think I would eat these snacks with my daughter on the couch whilst watching some Disney Movies. Much better than unhealthy snacks.

  105. My favourite fruit is strawberries and I would eat these at work when I get peckish in the afternoons

  106. Jane Green

    Apples as they a so easy, no peeling involved, as for these would keep them in the car for when we needed a snack

  107. rebecca gibson

    i like raspberries and could eat these on the bus to work x

  108. Heather Haigh

    I love all fruit, but if I have to pick a favourite I’ll say bananas. And I would eat them on a picnic.

  109. Sugajade

    Apples. I’d probably eat these at work when I feel like a snack.


    I like pineapple, and have these for snacks at work x

  111. Angela Kelly

    I love cherries and these snacks would be great for after school

  112. Charlotte Hood

    My favourite fruit is red grapes! I’d love these for work snacks!

  113. kayleigh Bates

    I love apples my kids love mango, wed take these on picnics

  114. Jennifer Toal

    All the summer berries with ice cream in the sun

  115. Andy Kadir-Buxton

    Mango, so cool they make you Tango.

  116. Keith Hunt

    Pears and good for long trips in the car.

  117. Henry Brabyn

    Peach and in my room so nobody else can have them 🙂

  118. Amanda Walsh (@mandymoo2014)

    I love grapes, these would be fab for days out

  119. Tanya Camilleri

    I love dried mango 🙂 id have these snacks with a family picnic

  120. Lucy Rose

    Mango is my absolute favourite! Perfect for picnics 🙂

  121. Amy Rennocks

    Satsumas, and these snacks would be great for picnics and days out <3

  122. My very favourite fruit are lychees, but for more everyday snacking, easy peel oranges of various types. I would probably eat these just sat on the sofa while playing internet scrabble. Not that I’m sad or anything. And I would share with my lovely neighbour and their 2 girls.

  123. oranges .. we’d eat these snacks just when we are out and about anywhere!

  124. michelle banks

    love strawberries, while im watching a movie x

  125. Karen laing

    Grapes,preferably red,I eat a punnet every day.I always eat them in the evening while watching TV. X

  126. Karen laing

    Grapes,preferably red,I eat a punnet every day.I always eat them in the evening while watching TV. X

  127. clare davies

    i love raisins or most dried or baked fruit – id love to keep them in my bag or draw at work then would snack on these rather than biscuits! ha! x

  128. Ruth Harwood

    I do love a nice Red Apple! I’d take these on a picnic with the little ones xx

  129. Rey Chunara

    I love oranges and I’d have these at work

  130. sarah Knightley

    My lg and I love blueberries. These snacks look great and would work really well for a picnic.

  131. Stacy Sorrell

    i love pink lady apples, these would be great for my little ones lunch bag xx

  132. esther james

    I love dried mango, and would scoff them in work!

  133. claire woods

    I love strawberries. These would be a great snack for car journeys.

  134. Tracy Newton

    I love snacking on dried apricots and prunes. I would save these snacks for our twice monthly family days out. These would be great in our packed lunch

  135. Sarah Pybus

    I love mango 🙂 These would be great on a park picnic!

  136. Kali filsell

    My favourite fruits are bananas. I would put these snacks in my daughters lunch box they would be perfect x

  137. I love bananas! I’d eat these snacks at work

  138. Nat thomason

    Bananas and I would have these to eat in the car

  139. genna st michael

    I love pineapple. These snacks would be great to take on picnics

  140. Miss Tracy Hanson

    Sat in our local park with the great-niece and great-nephew who both like fruit and prefer it to sweets (not that they get a lot of sweets anyway).

  141. clair downham

    i like dried apricots ooked with lamb thankyou

  142. John Taggart

    Strawberries dipped in cream eaten on a picnic

  143. laura stewart

    i like strawberries and i like to eat them with ice cream xx

  144. William Gould

    I love apples and pears, and would probably eat these as part of my work-day lunch!

  145. elaine dale

    my favourite is black grapes…would eat on picnic with grand=kids

  146. Helen Battle

    My favourite food is dates and i would carry these in my handbag and eat when i wanted something sweet

  147. Banana – love them and eat them anywhere anytime. Now even freeze them and make ice desserts.

  148. Maggie Lee-Roberts

    Strawberries. I prefer to eat snacks in the evening whilst watching tv, but the little ones want snacks mid afternoon and only want unhealthy ones, so I’d like to try these out and wean them off crisps.

  149. kim neville

    Strawberries and eat anywhere as put in a pot

  150. kim neville

    Strawberries and eat anywhere as put in a pot

  151. Laura Pritchard

    I love Satsumas, & I’d eat these snacks on days out with my family!

  152. Karen laing

    Yoghurt covered strawberries,I eat a packet every single night(they’re very small packets) when I’ve settled down to watch some tv. xx

  153. My favourite fruit is grapes and these snacks would be perfect to eat anywhere.

  154. Jessica Powell

    My fave fruit is kiwi, and I’d most likely eat the snacks at work 🙂

  155. Kevin Honey

    My favourite fruit is Mango, and I’d eat there snacks at work

  156. I love bananas. I would eat these anywhere – perhaps even an afterschool snack for the children or something to munch at the cinema

  157. Kirsty Webb

    My favourite fruit is summer strawberrys. I would eat these snacks anywhere. Xx

  158. Michelle Smith

    Raspberries, I’d eat with lunch or as an on the go snack

  159. aaron broad

    my favourite fruit is pineapple, I like to eat it on the grass

  160. debbie smith

    i love apples and i think this would be great on a day out with the family ! x

  161. laura banks

    i love bananas and would take these to work to snack on

  162. Liam Bishop

    I love bananas. I do all my munching at work!

  163. Elizabeth (Liz) Briggs

    My favourite fruit is strawberries and these snacks would be great for days out x

  164. gemma brown

    i love blueberries. these would be great for trips out

  165. Maxine Owen

    Strawberries and grapes are my favourites. These would be great for on the go.

  166. Steve Weaver

    I love fresh slices of pineapple, especially as part of a light lunch with other fruit. Delicious and refreshing. I would definitely eat these in the park when we take the grand children out, a real treat once we’ve played some hide and seek and need a little boost!

  167. Martina Pichova

    I like bananas. My toddler would eat these while out and about round the town.

  168. Lucy Pasifull

    Strawberries and best place to eat them is straight off the bush.

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