Whispering Knights at Rollright Stones

Project 365 2015 – week 12

For this week, week 12’s photos for my Project 365 I’ve had 500+ to choose from.  N and I have been away on holiday for a few days, so of course I had the camera out.  I’ve just about gone through all my photos, although I’ve since added to them since being back as well.  It makes a difference compared with normal working weeks where some days I struggle.

So here’s week 12 (plus a Saturday I missed last week).

Saturday, N and I headed off on holiday to Torquay for a few days.  The OH was busy on the farm, so it was just the 2 of us. I’d booked into a hotel only 2 days before we left, and was surprised at how good it was for only a 3 star.  The room was like a boutique hotel, and we had a lovely view of the outdoor pool, garden and then overlooking Torquay.  N loved looking out of the window.

view from a hotel window

Sunday was our first day getting out and about so we headed off to Paignton zoo and beach.  N just loved going in and out of the hotel…the little things.  I don’t think he’d ever been through a rotating hotel door, so every entrance was a fun one!

rotating hotel doors

Monday we spent most of the day around Babbacombe, with the model village being a big hit with N.

Barracombe model village

Tuesday was our last full day, and we had to go for fish and chips on the last day.  I’m not really a fish fan, but N is.  We ended up in Rockfish which is a fish and chip shop like none I’ve ever seen before.

Rockfish fish and chips Torquay Devon

On the way home we stopped off to go to the shoe shop to get N some summer sandals, and then onto the Rollright Stones.  N said he didn’t want to see them, but once we were in the circle, he loved trying to count them, and listened to the story of the stones.  It was a shame it was quite hazy, because the view wasn’t clear at all.

Whispering Knights at Rollright Stones

Thursday N was back at nursery, but I had another cheeky day off.  It was meant to be really productive, but in the end it was a bit rushed.  I nipped to Stratford in the morning for a bit of shopping, and noticed that there was a Wizardry and magic shop, in the style of Harry Potter and Diagon Alley. Very odd place, made even stranger by the fact it looked like they still had Christmas decorations up outside.

Wizard and magic shop Stratford upon Avon

While on holiday, we bought N a new pair of bigger sunglasses. He rarely wears them actually outdoors, but on Friday straight after nursery he grabbed the glasses, and was posing outside in them.

Mr cool dude shades and Frugi jumper

Saturday was a mooching day with swimming class and a nip into town.  In the afternoon my brother turned up offering another trip out to the paddock for some metal detecting.  Not much was found, and N got bored quite quickly.  With N, we needed more regular beeping of the equipment to keep his interest.

out metal detecting, like uncle like nephew

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  1. Looks like you had a fab time away with just your little man, I am going away to visit family next week with just the kids. First time I’ll have gone without the husband. Fab photo’s from the week hun x

    1. It’s the norm for us because the OH’s aways working. Yes it’s intense, but is nice to get away and really be with them. Hope you have a great time away Bex

    1. It is great there. Shame the weather wasn’t warmer, but there’s so much to do…plus the beach which is always a winner with children! Thanks for commenting.

  2. How lovely having a special holiday just you and N! And loved all the scenarios from N in the revolving doors, the fish and chip shop and the strange wizard’s shop!

  3. What a fantastic idea to have a little holiday, just the two of you! I especially love the chip shop picture.
    I hate it when I have loads of fab pics to share, then the following week I’m back to struggling and the fall-back position of flowers in the garden!

    1. My flower alternative is sleeping boy photos! And of him eating. The chip shop was brilliant – got quite a few funky photos from that. Wonderful decor and busy even during an out of peak season weekday evening.

  4. Never been to Babbacoombe but it looks like a fab place to visit, even if the weather wasn’t at its best. Love that magic shop

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