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My health, hair and beauty essentials from Chemist Direct

I’m a bit of a creature of habit when it comes to hair and beauty essentials.  No, that’s not quite true, with shampoo I do tend to switch between a few brands, and try out some new ranges when they’re out.  But on the whole I have a range of essentials that I stick to.  I was given the opportunity to check out Chemist Direct so decided to pick up some of my health, hair and beauty essentials.

Chemist Direct health and beauty products

Chemist Direct is, as you’d imagine, an online chemist.  When I think chemist, I think pharmacy, but that’s not the case really.  Chemist Direct sells a huge range of products as well as offering advice on various health ailments and queries.

One thing I hate about buying health and beauty products is the huge number of items that are available.  With online buying I can more easily filter out the brands I’m not interested in, or sort by price or relevance to more speedily find my own health and beauty essentials.

The main thing I liked about Chemist Direct was how fast a website it is to use.  The filters worked well, and there was a good enough range of most of the brands I wanted.  I did struggle on shampoo and conditioner because I need volume shampoo, and a light formula, but the brands I use and like didn’t have those lines from their range for sale on the site.  However for hair styling the choice was great including some pretty good prices.  Hair dye brands were numerous, although again I did find I had to search for the colours I needed because not all were available.

One thing I hate about some online clothes shops is how out of stock products are always shown even when you’ve filtered them out.  I didn’t find anything like this on Chemist Direct.  If it wasn’t in stock I wasn’t seeing it.

My hair & beauty essential purchases

Elnett hair spray – I don’t usually buy this brand because I’m a cheapskate, but it was a good price, and they stocked all the different holds.  I use spray when I’ve curled my hair…in the hope of keeping it curled for a decent amount of time.

Garnier cooling anti dark circles – mix a child who gets up early and blogging late at night, and I definitely need this for my under-eye area.  I love the cooling, and the fact it lasts forever.  But it was time to stock up again because I’m almost out of my old one.

Sun lotion – I’m not precious about sun lotion apart from hating the coloured stuff which stains, and I don’t want over 30 spf because we rarely go out of the country.  Chemist Direct had a lot of brands including those that like Banana Boat which are hard to come by on the high street.  The prices were good, and there’s quite often offers.  At the moment there’s 30% off the Riemann one I ordered.

Batiste dry shampoo.  What more can you say.  Definitely an essential for me when I’m trying to give my hair a break and get away with only washing it every other day.

Garnier Olia hair dye.  I haven’t dyed my hair for ages, but decided to try this one because I quite liked the look of the colour.  I don’t go far from my natural colour and did struggle to buy the make I wanted in my usual shade on Chemist Direct, but as I switch dyes quite a bit, it’s always nice to try something new.

Gilette Venus disposable razors – it’s approaching summer, and I need to get back into swimming.  I do have an epilator but it always needs charging so by the time I get round to using it, it’s so painful that it’s easier to use a razor and more reliable at give me smooth legs.

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm with spf15.  I shall be keeping this one away from N because he always breaks them or makes lipsalve mushy trying to use it. Even in summer I find I quite often have to use lip balm, especially if we’re away and I’m swimming a lot.

Chemist Direct products

If you have the storage space or agree to order with friends, there are bulk buys available at discounted prices.  A great idea for stocking up if you know products you like are hard to come by elsewhere.  Other services offered include an online doctor service, so if you’ve a question about possible treatment for various ailments, or health and well-being, like weight loss, you just fill in a form, then the doctors assess your needs and whether there’s suitable treatment available.  Saves going to see a pharmacist if you’ve got a niggling question and feel a bit stupid asking it!

I’d never really thought of online health and beauty purchasing outside of my weekly online shop, but I think it’s a good efficient service that I could see myself using again.  With free postage for orders over £40, and the offers, it’s definitely worth using Chemist Direct for stocking up or for holiday preparations.

Do you shop online for your health and beauty products, or do you prefer the high street?


Disclosure: I was able to choose products from Chemist Direct for the purpose of this review. All words and opinions are my own.

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