keto diet and meal ideas week 4

Diet progress and my keto meals for week 4

Week 4 on the keto diet and I’m 2 stone down, so great diet progress. I’ve adjust my first goal from October (I was being generous) to July ahead of going camping. My weight loss will slow to a more regular 2lb ish a week, so that’s still realistic.  Then I might reach full goal by Christmas.   If I can make it through the Easter chocolate temptation, then Christmas will be no bother either.

I have had a couple of intended carb or blip foods this weekend. I decided to have a leftover Quality Street (with me not eating them, they’ve just been forgotten about in the larder – I should really take the few left into work). And as we had roast beef, I couldn’t resist some Yorkshire pudding. Of course I needed to test how it tasted with it a success in the aga vs the last attempt.  It was worth the carb treat. 

It didn’t make any impact to how I felt in myself or with my weigh in so it was worth the occasional treat.  I did resist the scones I made though – I did find an almond flour scone recipe so I might try that in future. But I’m doing ok without having puddings, so I’d like to avoid the sweet side of things – plus I can’t have scones without jam so would have to find an alternative to go with the clotted cream!

keto diet and meal ideas week 4

I’m back to the diet again though, so it was good I could just have the bit I’d allowed myself and no more – chocolate wise, as that’s my downfall. In fact, the chocolate just tasted really sweet, so this diet might even change my taste buds so I don’t really enjoy chocolate so much.  I say might, I doubt it will.

This week I’ve tried to calm down on the cabbage – hard if you’re doing quick stir fries if you’re buying the convenience packs of veg. I need to just chop my own really. Hopefully that will even out my INR reading this time round. I’ve tried a couple of new dishes, including making use of roast leftovers (not my favourite thing when it’s roast beef!).  If you’re interested in some of the meals I’ve been trying and want to try them yourself, then check out my Pinterest Keto meals board.

Lunches have been salads, trying mozzarella pizza rolls, chicken skewers and a curry with courgettes instead of rice.

I’ve also had berries, melon and plum for a sweet sign off after lunch.

Keto meals for dinner included:

  • Roast beef and veg
  • Stuffed peppers with sausage and cream cheese (not keen on pepper like this so would need to adapt this in future)
  • Meatballs and stirfry – bit random, but tasted fine
  • Chicken fajitas with lettuce
  • Meatballs and tomato sauce, courgettes and peppers
  • Pancakes with berries and yoghurt

Onto week 5.  I’m eating out on Friday evening so will need to decide whether I’m going to hold the carbs, or going to have one night off. How do you do your diet when you’re eating out?

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  1. Just came over from Raisie Bay’s tweet. Short on time this morning, but I’ll be back tomorrow to read more of your blog. Congratulations on your success with keto. And, yes, your taste buds will change and sugar will lose much of its appeal. I haven’t done keto, but I began years ago to cut sugar to a minimum (without using sugar substitutes/sweeteners) and several years ago set a limit of never more than 6 teaspoons (24 grams) in a day, and it is incredibly easy because there are no sugar cravings, so most days I have none.

    1. You’re right. I’ve definitely found things that I have had taste so much sweeter after not having had them. I’m away for a few days, and have ended up having some bread, and even had a dessert (but bitter chocolate so not too sweet), and it is noticeable that the tastes have changed, and I don’t want so much of it. I will be back to it afterwards though – it’s not a hard diet to do or cutting out sugar. It’s just that first bit that’s painful, getting started! Thanks for stopping by.

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