wasgij puzzle old time rockers solution

Wasgij Destiny 16 Old Time Rockers puzzle and solution

Although we’re now (hopefully soon) coming out the other side of winter, I’m still on the jigsaw puzzles. Usually I’ve finished doing them for the winter by now, but I’m a bit hooked on the Wasgij ones. After a blip for some easy Ravensburger Disney puzzles I’m back on the Wasgij ones.

wasgij puzzle old time rockers solution

The latest I’ve finished is the Wasgij Destiny 16 – Old Time Rockers puzzle.  This puzzle was probably one of the easiest I’ve done of the Wasgij options.  The Destiny range are puzzles where you have to look at the image, but image what the same scene would look like years later.  So in this case, the image is of a concert with a young pop band, but you’re trying to solve what the band, audience and venue might look like in the future.

It’s a lot of fun, and the colours and detail is as good as they always are. 

I tend to solve puzzles by sorting into colours and all the body parts of people/animals.  I’ve found it’s also easier to build the specific items off the puzzle board, doing them on the portapuzzle extra felt boards. Just until I can work out where in the puzzle they need to sit, otherwise I end up with having to move large bits around inside the outer frame.  Then I can build up the other areas around them.

With the Old Time Rockers puzzle you get the changing fashions, the refreshments being served, all the instruments and musicians, as well as the cheeky audience members and what they’re getting up to.

It probably took me around 4 ½ hours to complete this one so probably my fastest, and all done without looking up the solution – I think that’s probably my first one done without needing to. Whoop!

If you need the Wasgij Destiny 16 Old Time Rockers solution you can find it below.

Check out my step by step guide on How to solve a Wasgij puzzle.

To buy Wasgij puzzles you can find them at Amazon or try Hobbycraft and The Works.

Wasgij destiny 16 old time rockers solution
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