wasgij original 19 puzzlers arms

Wasgij Destiny 19 Puzzler’s Arms solution

At the start of lockdown it was really hard to find Wasgij puzzles as they were all out of stock or priced insanely. But now they’re more readily available second hand through facebook selling groups which is brilliant I’ve been stocking up.

The latest Wasgij puzzle I got hold of was the Wasgij Destiny The Puzzlers Arms. I really like the Destiny range which shows the box image and you have to make the puzzle to show what that location or event might look like in the future. With this one it’s an old fashioned pub image, so you’re creating a more modern day bar with more contemporary characters.

wasgij original 19 puzzlers arms

This jigsaw was quite a straightforward one to solve. Lots of bright characters, glass and buildings that weren’t too difficult. There were plenty of colours to split out and then match up building up the puzzle.

If you’ve not done too many Wasgij puzzles, it’s probably one of the easiest to start with.

Check out my step by step guide on How to solve a Wasgij puzzle.

You can find the solution below. And if you’re looking to buy any Wasgij puzzles*, try Amazon, Argos or online jigsaw specialists.

wasgij puzzlers arms solution

What’s your favourite Wasgij?

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