leading lines of farm gates and fields under a sunset

Project 52 2020 week 26 – leading lines

We’re at half year of 2020, and much of that has been under lockdown. We’re in week 14 of restrictions although things have gone mad since more people are allowed to meet up, more shops are open and the announcement that from 4th July, social distancing is now able to be 1m+ rather than 2m where needed. This has meant some people crowding onto beaches, having raves, street parties, mass football celebrations, and ending up with 22 police injured due to rioting in some places.. Covid cases don’t seem to be coming down and basically many of the British public have proved themselves a bit stupid at disregarding the fact that we should still be aware.

Not much has changed for us as still working from home, with home schooling. But here’s our week 26 for Project 52.

On Sunday I went a bit mad making fudge. Annoyingly my diet has still gone to pots. Not helped by the amount of snacking N needs when he’s home. At least he’s back eating fruit again. I did some of my puzzle and a bit of reading.

Monday was a good home school day (as was the rest of the week too). We had a fleeting call from N’s teacher about requirements for further worksheets. We’re hearing from more of N’s class going back in, so now I’m feeling serious FOMO from him not going back. I’m worried now that he’ll be much further behind friendships and work, although he wouldn’t be with all his year group anyway if he had gone back in. (School have tried to take back children outside of the 3 years back, those who aren’t getting much done at home, or need to be in school).

I tried out some new photography techniques I’ve seen on TikTok. I’m getting a bit obsessed with watching them. We tried to play a bit of garden golf, but one of the pups just wanted to play with the ball, so we had to give up on that idea.

On Tuesday there wasn’t much going on. Just more of the same work and school work.

Wednesday was a super hot day. Over 30C, and way too hot to be working in a kitchen with the aga still on. Our electric oven is still broken, so we can’t really turn the aga off. We mostly stayed inside in the cool.

On Thursday, My brother turned up with a small air rifle for N as a (very early) birthday and Christmas gift. He’s been learning to use an old one the OH was given, but it’s too big and heavy really. So this is much better for his size, and it’s much lighter. The pair of them sat in the garden shooting at targets, before doing a bit of archery as well. We got a bit of golf in once it had cooled down enough for me.

Friday N whizzed through his school work. He had less topic work this week, and had got on well with his chapter book planning he has for this half term, so was finished by 10am. He did some more shooting, and helped out checking the cows. The weather was still hot, and the expected thunderstorms didn’t arrive.

Saturday was mostly wet. I’d managed to get the last slot at our nearby National Trust place, but it was tipping it down all morning up til lunch time and a bit after. Way too much for me to enjoy it – especially as I wanted to go to take photos. So I’ll need to try again next weekend. Or maybe Wednesday afternoon when I’ve got a flexi afternoon. The hard thing is knowing what N can do with the OH because he won’t want to come along.

Instead, I had a brief visit to the local shop, and just mooched around most of the day trying to catch up with reading. I’d hoped to catch some of the non ‘Glasto’ which has obviously been cancelled, but so far, no joy as the tv has been hogged by others.

This week’s photo was taken mid week when I was taking photos of the sunset, but noticed the light and the leading lines of the gates. It turned out well.

leading lines of farm gates and fields under a sunset

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  1. I’ve still not really got into tick tock it scares me! But if there are photo ideas I may be tempted. My diet has also gone to pot. Love the idea of homemade fudge. I worry about the same thing with Monkey not going back to school either. But figure they will have to do something about it come Sept. Sounds like N is doing well with his school work.

    1. Yes, I’m not too worried about catching up with school work (and he’s certainly done more quantity than those in school by the sounds of things), as they’ve already said they’ll be making use of the government booster money as needed. Our school are pretty good about getting relevant boosters for children who need them anyway.

  2. The photograph is great. I love the cloud formations. Nice, you can learn them from TikTok. The weather has been quite chilly and wet here xx

  3. Beautiful image with the patterns of the wooden gates. We’ve been loving making fudge. My oldest is wanting to make white chocolate fudge with Oreos. I have been doing online shopping for food shop which has helped. x

    1. It took a while for me to get hold of condensed milk. But now have a stock in the larder. The OH usually has it on strawberries but he’s not been eating those.

  4. Don’t worry about school. As a teacher, we’ve been told to start next year off by catching up with what should have been done this year and making concessions for those who didn’t get much (or any) work done. For those who didn’t have computers, it was pretty much impossible. The air rifle sounds fun, as does the golf, and I giggled at your puppy pinching the ball !

    1. The puppy’s a little minx!
      I’m not too worried about what he’s done. It’s mostly been revision although he’ll get a shock going up to year 5 with the head teacher as his teacher – she’s superstrict compared with his current laid back one. School are potentially doing catch ups for a few days into the holidays but not sure if the OH will agree to N doing them.

  5. Woah, that’s some serious concern. Here, people went all out during Eid which caused a huge spike in cases. OooOo fudge. Awww cute pup. National Trust sounds like a very popular place to go to. Lovely picture

  6. I have met up another family but still trying to keep distanced. But I wouldn’t want to go anywhere busy. I always cross to the other pavement when I see people, walks seem to take twice as long with all the back and fourth. I really like your photo!

  7. Beautiful image with the patterns of the wooden gates. You talking about fudge made me think that I haven’t made fudge for ages, I’ll get the ingredients next time I go shopping. My guys like the white chocolate fudge with Oreos.
    The shopping has become more of a chore, as people don’t other with social distancing any longer.

    1. I made one with white chocolate but it’s just too sweet and white chocolatey for me. Shame because the paler colour is much prettier for photos

  8. I have to admit that mine have loved being back at school. None of Isaac’s friends are there but he has made some new ones which is good. Can’t believe they break up in two weeks, so I doubt he will miss much. I am mourning the loss of the good weather

  9. What a gorgeous sunset picture! No chance of taking a sunset picture this week, I haven’t seen the sun at all!
    How is N feeling now? Hope he is over the tonsilitis! How’s he getting on with his air rifle? Love setting up targets with my dad and having a go with his rifles… I always win! I guess my eyesight is ever so slightly better!
    Glad to hear it was a good home school week! If it helps, our school… who couldn’t organise a ‘drunken party’ in a pub have really stepped up and sorted it out. If anything, I’m reassured by the fact this is the first time in 7 years they are actually looking after the kids well. Liv has enjoyed going back and only has 4 official days left of primary. I’ve certainly felt no guilt about sending her back! Hope you have had a lovely week! Sim x

    1. Glad the school has got organised. It seems to have really shown what schools are good and those that aren’t really able to adapt. Obviously some will have more barriers and support from parents etc. Tonsillitis was all gone last week – but this week’s it’s back again. Resigned to him getting it ongoing. Hopefully once we’re back in more of a routine playing tennis etc, I’m hoping he’ll push through it more. Usually when school’s on etc, he’ll have 1 day feeling bad, but since lockdown he’s got more time to think about being ill which never helps.

  10. Reducing the restrictions is definitely leading to some people acting like the pandemic is over and life can go back to normal. I’m so glad we can get shopping delivered again as I’ve started avoiding our local shops because of the lack of social distancing. What a shame it rained on the day you had tickets to visit your nearby National Trust place. Hope you manage to go again when the weather is nicer. Love the light in your sunset photo. #project366

  11. I am not sure there is a whole lot of learning going on in some schools anyway….a friend was saying it just seems to be play and videos at her child’s school as the ages are mixed up so I wouldn’t worry about anyone falling behind.

    I am not comfortable going to the local shop let alone beaches..and even cancelled my Wales trip. I would rather have a tough year this year and have things go back to normal quicker….but the way things are going this is likely to drag on.

    1. Yes, our school are doing the same as the kids at home are getting (with mixed year group bubbles there’s no way of really teaching as a class), mostly mornings, then afternoon is art or PE. I’ve just cancelled our camping – got a credit note so we can go next year. The others in our group are still planning on going. But it’s just simple things like kids not being allowed unaccompanied to the toilets – that’s one of the points of camping, the freedom that the children have to let them be. With social distancing, you’re only meant to be holidaying with one group, so the 3 families going will even be limited in joining up as normal.

  12. The school issue is a difficult one. I’m really chilled about H not going back for a while, but he works well on his own and school have got it all sussed. My sister on the other hand can’t wait, but she has 3 and the secondary school has been rubbish. People round here seem to be still mostly socially distancing well, but there’s always a few and I do think the government has set a bad example in that regard.

  13. Too many idiots around. I’ve also noticed that once you’ve queued the 2ms outside the supermarket, it’s becoming a free for all once your’e inside. Is there a reason N isn’t going back to school yet? The weather has been bizarre this week with the heat then the heavy rain, can’t be comfortable with the aga on when you’re trying to work

    1. He’s not back because he’s not in one of the 3 year groups. School have 4 teachers and 4 classrooms, so 3 years for 3 classes, then key workers kids in the 4th. They’ve now said any child struggling at home with school work can also come in, and they’ve got a new teacher starting in Sept to come in early to help teach. So they’ve 5 classes with the hall now used. But that’s 5 bubbles of 15 and they’re full. We didn’t send him in because he’s working at home and isn’t suffering mentally, so didn’t need a space. But I’m presuming most have just asked for their to go in.. I’m now worried that out of the whole school there’s only 20 kids not in. That’s a big disadvantage going back when pretty much everyone else has been in. He doesn’t care.

  14. I think people are idiots going to packed beaches and places like that. The virus is still out there and people seem to be forgetting that!
    It sounds like the home schooling is going well. I wouldn’t worry about N falling behind. I am sure come September they’ll have something on place to help everyone catch up.
    That is a beautiful photo. What a gorgeous view x

    1. Totally agree. People seem to just be acting like normal now. Our school’s pretty good at doing boosters where needed, so I’m sure they’ll do those where needed.

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