looking out under canopy table and drinks towards sunset

Project 52 2024 week 22

This week’s been half term and while I’ve had not plans (not helped by the poor weather outlook), it’s been nice to relax. Although I do need to get back to proper healthy eating again, after a very high carby week. Here’s my week for Project 52 week 22 of the year.

Sunday – a largely relaxing day. N had decided he was cooking 3 courses for tea so I was his sous chef (and guide). He cooked garlic mushrooms for starter (for them), steak and diced potato chips for main, and for dessert a sticky toffee pudding. It was all very good and well timed. Much better than I could even have done before going to uni.

Monday – bank holiday and I spent most of it with a headache. So I tried to snooze, read a bit, and then watched a couple of films. 

Tuesday – the weather was rubbish so other than a quick stop in town for some bits, and dropping off a Vinted parcel, I did some reading and binge watched the Mr Bates vs the Post Office tv show.

Wednesday – a day of not much again. The weather wasn’t great again, so most chilled out again. A bit of a boring waste of a week. But I just couldn’t think of anywhere I wanted to go and visit.

Thursday – we had to go to the bank today to sort out N’s bank accounts. Banks are such a pain having to switch around all the time for interest rates. And kids savings accounts are annoying because all the banks seem to have a £5k limit. Seems so low for teens who may work, or parents who’re saving for children, right up to age 18. So he may have to do some moving around on his farm savings account vs his other account as needed.

Friday – another day of expenses. I’ve said for ages we’ll get N a proper office chair for his desk, but after trying several shops, have ended up buying from Amazon. There just doesn’t seem to be anywhere stocking them where you can actually sit and try them in town anymore (or they just weren’t stocking them at the moment). In the evening the local outdoor bar opened for the summer so we went down to support them, and treated ourselves to pizza from the street food place there. It was really chilly – not much like the end of May – so it was quiet. Hopefully we’ll get some sunnier days as it’s lovely to socialise down there with everyone.

Saturday – I had an opticians appointment. I need slightly stronger reading glasses as my current ones are over 5 years old, with potential for distance ones in future. So that’s more expense for this week, although I did choose from the cheapest range. Got home to find N digging in the garden. He’d done a good job turning over the heavy clay soil, so I helped do a bit, then digging out and turning a border near the fence. Next thing will be working out what plants to put in. I know nothing about gardening, and he just wants flowers. But really it’ll be more shrubs to fill the space. So more expense. Fingers crossed for a nice premium bonds win this month.

looking out under canopy table and drinks towards sunset

New posts this week:

Things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • An interlude of a couple of lighter romance books vs the crime ones I’m currently ploughing through
  • Gardening – I don’t really enjoy it usually, but it’s more fun when doing it with someone else.
  • Seeing and chatting to people I’ve not seen for a while. It’s nice to socialise.
  • Plenty of reading opportunities.

Things I’m grateful for:

  • Summer outdoor bar nearby which is great to take kids and dogs down. We just need nicer weather now.
  • Being able to cope with last minute sudden costs that crop up
  • Sorting out N’s bank account for his farming stuff.

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  1. How lovely to have a 3-course meal cooked by N. It is hard trying to find somewhere where you can try out office chairs. We have a second-hand furniture shop near my church so that’s usually my first place to try getting things like that. Hope N is happy with his new chair. How nice to go to the outdoor bar – hopefully the weather will get a bit warmer soon! #project365

    1. We have a factory seconds/returns place that usually have loads, but they didn’t have any this time which was a shame. Everywhere that does sell them like The Range, or B&Q, they all seemed to be online sales only. He’s pleased with the one I ordered though – I think it’s better than mine!

  2. Well done to N to cook a three course meal. Like you, I haven’t done much cooking before going to university. It sounds like a pain with the banks. Have you thought of opening a second savings account with another bank? 5k limit is quite low if parents are saving for their child to go to uni or something like that.

    1. He has got 2 savings accounts, one for normal kids savings, another for his farming stuff. I think what he has will be fine. If he then gets a job next year in holidays etc, he might then just need to rethink.

  3. Ohh! Good on N cooking a 3 course meal! I wish my two would make the effort!
    It sounds like you have had a nice, relaxed week!
    We got my youngest an office chair for her desk for Christmas and you are right there is nowhere you can go now and try them out. We got hers off Amazon.
    The gardening does sound like fun. x

    1. He does love to cook, today he was cooking steak ciabatta sandwiches for lunch, but it’s costing me a lot in food! Yes, ended up with an Amazon one – cheaper than most places, and turned out to be a better chair than mine