Project 52 2021 week 42

Another weeks gone by and we now into half term. I can’t believe that that’s a term already gone on time is going by so fast. That’s half a term of N’s last year at primary school done and secondary school applications are due this week. We’ve done his, and I’m still not really sure with the order of the first 2 but whichever school he gets will be fine (as long as we can work out how he’s getting home from school!

So onto our week 42 of Project 52.

On Sunday N was feeling a bit swollen in the tonsil. He’s still not had his follow up consultant appointment that was due in September, so I must remember to call them and find out what’s happening. I sorted out some of my jigsaws in the hope of selling them and having a pre-Christmas clear out. They take up so much space, and I could do with a bit of space in the bedroom rather than piles of puzzles. It always feels like such a hassle selling those compared with clothes which are so much faster and less hassle to list and post.

Monday was back to work and school again. A fairly uneventful week for both, although N started with a lateral flow test as he’d had sore tonsils at the weekend and a bit of a runny nose. It was negative so all fine. Although from the day after school decided it was now PCR tests for most ailments just in case. N gets a lot of runny noses, and sore throats so that’ll be very disruptive to my work and his school having to go back and forth to the testing centre all the time. I had a follow up dentist appointment in the evening to refill my chip where the filling had come out. It seems the NHS are now doing white fillings. The last time I had one was years ago, and to get one I had to pay privately, but I didn’t have to pay more than I’d already paid the previous time I’d been for my check up, plus the extra treatment. Numb and drooly mouth

On Tuesday I had a painful hip. I’d decided to start a 30 day ab programme to try and reduce and tone up my flabby tummy. The exercises are quite hard (even the modified ones), but I woke up with hip ache, and decided to have the day off and do every other day. Just doing what I can and building up will still be fine. Luckily the hip didn’t cause any more hassle the rest of the week.

Wednesday we finally had a proper clear out of N’s wardrobe in the evening. He had various trousers for the next size up that he’d not worn from pre-Covid, but 2020 saw him mostly remote learning living in sports shorts or joggers, or in school uniform. So he’s now grown out of lots of the unworn clothes. I found a new smart shirt on Vinted that will do for any smart dress up occasion at school, and thankfully 1 pair of the remaining chinos just about still fit, so they’ll do for smart bottom half. Otherwise he’s got 4 pairs of jeans, a couple of shirts that won’t last long, and plenty of jumpers. I need to persuade him back into wearing jeans again so he’ll get some wear out of them.

Thursday I had my INR and it was back to within range. Yay. It seems like autumn has seen lots of people’s test results going up and down so it was a relief to finally get mine back where it should be. Not much else other than work.

On Friday it was the last day of the half term. Non uniform day (and yes, N continues to make me feel cold seeing him still in shorts), and target assembly day. N had his tennis private which went well. It’s great to see how just a couple of sessions can look like it’s making a big impact already. His group session was all floodlit later in the evening. He’s like a Duracell bunny, just keeps going.

Saturday was a great day on it started with the usual chores. We got a lot done birthday presents bought and Christmas turkey finally ordered for trying for 3 weeks over the phone.

I had my 1st post Covid evening out with friends. It was theatre with a meal out in Oxford beforehand. Yes they might have been masks involved and checking into venues, but it was just like going out evenings of old. We were seeing Riverdance which I’ve seen twice before (including the last ever showing…hmm, until this 25th anniversary show). It was just as good as it always has been, and was nice to have finally got to see one of my Covid postponed shows I’d had booked for 2020. The other one isn’t happening until next year’s and I think the other they’ve just said have a credit note. So i need to remember to look and book something else. We had a lovely time catching up too over our meal. Hopefully we’ll have more evenings out now.

Riverdance 25th anniversary theatre

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  1. Good luck with N’s secondary school applications. I’m doing Thomas’s infant school one today! It’s frustrating having to do PCR tests for all the ailments and questioning whether colds and sore throats are just that or whether they could be Covid. Glad your INR was back within range. How lovely to finally enjoy a theatre trip and glad you had a nice time seeing Riverdance. #project365

  2. Sorry to hear N’s under the weather with his tonsils again, I hope you manage to get the appointment sorted. We are sill lateral flow testing at the moment but have heard rumours on the grapevine that the school may be changing to PCR request. Well done for having a clear out. I could do with doing some decluttering too. It seems endless. Good luck with listing the puzzles. The theatre looks so pretty glad you had a brilliant day out.

  3. Sorry to hear that N has had problems with his tonsils again. How lovely to have a night out, I would love one which my girl friends, it has been way too long

  4. Lovely that you had an evening with your friends and could see Riverdance. Fingers crossed, you have a school of your first choice offered next spring. Hope your hip is better now.
    Do you sell puzzles on Vinted? I should check out your account and see which puzzles you have.

  5. I am glad half term is here. Good luck with the secondary school applications. I hope you get the one you want.
    I was doign an ab workout and ended up with a sore hip the next day. I know all of our body is connected but didn’t think an ab workout would hurt my hip.
    It sounds like you had a good evening out. x

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