favourite keto meals

Favourite keto meals, savoury and sweet

Research suggests that most people aren’t very adventurous when it comes to cooking. Generally they rotate around a set number of meals. For ease, convenience, and the fact that the family like those meals. I have quite a breadth of meals I cook, with variations, and with my keto diet, I’m the same. I have my favourite keto meals that I can make fast and easily with what ingredients I have in the house.

What I love about keto is how easy it is to just tweak a couple of ingredients to make normal carb based foods into low carb. I’m not strict about my protein, carb, fat splits, I just aim to reduce my carbs right down, and stop as much snacking. I also generally eat my breakfast later in the day – usually 9.30-10.30 or even later. This isn’t due to specifically wanting to do intermittent fasting, but more that I come down in the morning and log on to my work laptop early, then get caught up in that before needing food.

I’m the only one in the family eating a keto diet, although quite often I just eat the same meal but minus the potatoes, bread or pasta. N does quite like a few of the meals I cook – he’s a big fan of my fathead dough garlic bread, preferring that to shop bought (probably because he’s a cheese monster!). For him and the OH, they definitely need the extra fuel that carbs provide them, but I’ll be continuing my keto meals for the majority of my diet into the future.

Here’s some of my favourite keto meals. They’re meals I cook fairly regularly, some are more treat meals, others are good for using up leftovers. All are ones I’d be happy to eat whenever I can.

favourite keto meals

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My favourite keto meals

Fathead dough pizza

Fathead dough is easy to make, with just cream cheese, keto friendly flour (I use almond flour) and mozzarella. It’s also versatile, although I more commonly use to it make pizza. It tastes just as good as leftovers, and means I don’t miss out when it’s a pizza tea at home.

Ricotta gnocchi

Rather than using potato, you can use ricotta and almond flour to make a gnocchi. It does need quite a bit of freezing time, but I tend to make a few portions worth, and then just freeze the spare portions for another time. They’re delicious with a simple butter, or white creamy sauce.

Cottage pie

I make my mince mix for all of us – using Rachel Allen’s shepherd’s pie recipe but just switching it to beef rather than lamb. Then split a small batch off for me, and adding mashed cauliflower on top. To add more flavour, I’ll grate a bit of cheees on the top to help it go crispy.

Cauliflower cheese with sausage

Ok, so I do use normal milk for the cheese sauce for ease of only having to make one sauce for myself and for the rest of the family. But you could use double cream instead of milk, and this should mean you can avoid needing a roux to thicken it. One day I had a sausage leftover so made little sausage balls, fried those, then added those to the cooked cauliflower before topping with the cheese sauce and baking until bubbling and lightly browning on top. Delicious. You can also add broccoli too.

Sausage hash

You can change the sausage for strips of cooked chicken to make it a healthier option. But you’ve got cooked meat, tomatoes, onions, peppers, herbs and an optional egg baked on top in this sausage hash.

Fathead dough calzone / pizza pockets

Making calzone from fathead dough is easy. Just roll out the previously refrigerated dough, then cut out circles. Add tomato sauce, grated cheese or mozzarella and whatever else you want to include to one half of each circle. Then fold over the dough and press to close. Bake until the dough is cooked through.

Yorkshire puddings

Not like real yorkshires in texture, but you can get the taste pretty accurate. I made them using arrowroot and they worked really well. They have a melt in your mouth texture, but they were a good substitute, and N was quite impressed with them. I served them with sliced roast beef, veg and gravy inside.

Chicken fajitas

One tweak swapping the tortillas for lettuce leaves and it’s keto. Yes, I could make low carb tortillas, but that’s a lot of faff when I can just add more veg.

Raspberry and vanilla mug cake

There are so many 1 minute mug cakes online,and plenty of keto recipes too. I love chocolate but find these mug cakes too bitter. Peanut butter can be a good addition, and I’m still to try a lemon version. So far my favourite has been raspberry and vanilla. It’s simple, you can’t beat simple vanilla flavour, and the raspberries add a bit of sweetness.

Coconut flour fluffy pancakes

Fluffy american style pancakes, but made with coconut flour are delicious. I add greek yoghurt and berries.

Chocolate pudding

Think like chocolate blancmange, but with cream rather than milk, and keto friendly sweetener instead of sugar. Definitely a chocolate hit, and a real treat.

Ingredients that are helpful for keto cooking

These are just a few of my favourite keto meals that are great replacements for normal carb based meals. It just shows that you don’t have to miss out.

If you eat low carb what are your favourite keto meals?

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