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Project 52 2019 week 45 – game play

This week has really felt like winter is on its way. Lots of rain, a frost, and tugging at the car doors to get them open one morning. I’ve had to dig out a jumper rather than just popping on a cardigan.

Here’s this week’s Project 52, it’s week 45.

The week started as a sad one because our dog died. She’d broken her leg a second time, and after going in for another op, she didn’t make it. Whenever they lose a dog on the farm, they’re buried somewhere, and this one’s been buried in the garden. Otherwise, it was a normal Sunday. N and I went down to play some tennis during junior club time, then we played a new game we’d been sent to review, Overbooked.

On Monday it was school and work as normal. Nothing different to any other Monday apart from a big project publication being launched (finally), just ahead of purdah. We made it in time. My other publication for the year has to be pushed back, and the election has stopped a lot of other work progressing. Frustrating although we deal with it.

Tuesday was the first time N wasn’t swimming with school. There’s too many in their year to all go so 3 each stay back at school each half term. N got to do PE with Class 4 which meant he was in with his cousin. They did gymnastics with their tennis coach. They were doing forward rolls which gave N a headache. He’s definitely not a gymnast!

On Wednesday it was school photo day. For the first time since reception I’m going to buy N’s photos despite his hair being totally overgrown. Evidently drama lesson was the first rehearsal of the Christmas play. N isn’t in it, so is hoping that drama lessons aren’t going to be just about the play for the rest of the term.

Thursday was a bit of a panic trying to sort out lifts next week to get back from cross country. Because there’s 5 of them running (plus an extra swimming), rather than the 4 who usually swim, my friend and her husband are doing pick ups. Definitely need to sort out a Christmas thank you present for them. They do a lot for us (and for others).

Friday was a quiet day at work. The weather was pretty miserable, and N’s tennis was still outside. The children don’t mind, but it really had got colder that evening, playing under the floodlights. I had a chat with his coach at the session, and the overall coach about N refusing to play matches. Hopefully they’ll be able to work with him on that.

Saturday we planned to get N’s hair cut. But the queue in the barber’s was too long for us to wait and still get to swimming on time. N spent the rest of the day clearing up his room ready for his bed to arrive (he’s counting down). We hibernated from the rain. There was so much, we decided against going to the fireworks, although I’m presuming they were all cancelled as we didn’t see or hear any like we usually do.

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This week’s Project 52 photo was taken during out game playing Overbooked.

overbooked game board

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    1. No, I have my own job off the farm. I used to help out with moving sheep or cattle when needed, but there are 3 grown up nephews now, so they don’t need me as well.

    1. I’m not actually sure. The OH tells me nothing. We were told to bring her in again because another op would be better than pumping full of more painkillers. But it was a second break, so I’m not sure if she even made the further op.

  1. It does feel like winter is coming. I’ve been wearing my jumpers for a couple of weeks.
    So sorry about your dog.
    That looks like a fab board game! x

  2. Sorry to hear about your dog, Emma, that’s very sad.
    The game looks interesting, we haven’t heard of it. I might try to find it, as we enjoy board games, and played with our collection lots of times, so something new for Christmas would be good.

  3. So sorry to hear about the dog. It’s sad enough losing guinea pigs, so I can’t imagine how sad it must be to lose a dog.
    You’ve taken me back with the word ‘purdah’. I worked at a council for 15 years, so between local elections and general elections it felt like we were forever in purdah! I’d actually totally forgotten the word.
    The game looks intriguing.

  4. The game looks interesting.

    So sorry to hear about your dog! That must have been heartbreaking to hear she didn’t make it through the operation.

    Hopefully the coaches can encourage N re the matches.

    1. It was a bit of a surprise about the dog. It was just a broken leg, but obviously other things were going on. The OH has no dog for shoot season again now.

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