Tesalate sandfree towel review

Tesalate sand-free beach towel review

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Choosing a towel for swimming or going to the beach isn’t always easy.  For us, it’s the weight and how fast it dries because it’s likely to be used at the beach when we go camping. I was gifted a sand free beach towel from Tesalate to review. 

Now obviously we’re in darkest winter here in the UK at the moment, so I’ll need to wait until summer to test its sand repelling abilities, but I wanted to share some of the other great things about Tesalate beach towels.

Tesalate sandfree towel review

What makes Tesalate sand free towels great to use?

1, The size

Tesalate beach towels come in 2 sizes. The single is normal beach towel size when opened out and laid down (160cm x 80cm). Perfectly good to lie on, and just about wide enough to wrap around the length of my body without showing bits I shouldn’t.  The double size is more bath sheet size, so if you want more towel, then opt for the larger one.

The best thing though, is how small they fold or roll up. Not like those huge fluffy beach towels which take up a whole beach bag. You can neatly fold these towels into their own drawstring bag that are not far off the size of a paperback book.   They’re also really light weight.  So more room in your beachbag, or less to carry whichever you prefer.

2, They’re sand free beach towels

Get less sand over you, and have less blowing into the wind when you pick your towel up. 

3, Super absorbant and fast drying

Tesalate sand free beach towels are made from exclusive AbsorbLite™ fabric which will hold 1 litre of water. But the magic means that they’re also fast drying. For us visiting a beach then returning to a tent or even a hotel, it means our towels will be dry by the next time we need to use them.

4, Fun and bright colours

There’s a good selection of designs, all patterns. From geometric shapes and stripes, to tropical birds and plants, or boho colours and styles.  There’s one for everyone.  I opted for a leaf and flower design. It’s not too garish but would still feel summery.  The colours are a lot brighter than the photos online, so they’ll definitely stand out by the pool or on the sand.

What I hadn’t realised was that the towels are also reversible with a black and white geometric pattern on the back. If you’re sharing your towel, you can go girly design on one side, but your teen son who would prefer not to be adorned in a pink floral towel can use the monochrome side.

reversible teselate towel

5, Easily hang them up

With a hook already attached, the towels are practical. There’s no excuse for them being left wet on the floor!

So far I’ve been really impressed with my new Tesalate sand-free towel.  If you’re not used to a microfibre, thinner towel, then they might feel a bit strange to begin with, but practical is more important than fluffy on a beach.  They do feel really soft and smooth. But they’re great for swimming or at the beach where you want to get dry as fast as possible without much effort. In these just wrap them round you, and you’ll be dry quickly.

With the low weight and fast drying properties, and the fact they don’t catch all the sand, they’re worth the money given how long towels last.

If you want to try Tesalate beach towels out for yourself, you can buy directly – I found delivery in the UK to be fast as well. Sometimes there’s a pop up for 10% off an order so keep a watch out for that.

We’ll definitely be packing this Tesalate sand free beach towel for our next camping trip, and I’ll be using it for swimming sessions too.

Have you tried one of these?

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  1. A sand free towel?! That’s just genius!! I have to try one for my next holiday, as sandy towels are so annoying. thanks so much for sharing with us xo

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