The Gallery: My Awesome Photo

This is my first time at joining in The Gallery with the photo below.  This time Sticky Fingers has chosen ‘My Awesome Photo’ to be the topic and there’s a prize to be won as well.

My photo was one of those I took of N when I was trying to be artistic.  I’d seen some of my photographer friends and online photos of young babies and thought, why can’t I have a go (wish I’d done some earlier when he was really newborn).  I just turned the colour picture into black & white and I managed to get some lovely photos of him with his Sophie giraffe.  This one is my favourite – it’s so clear, and his eyes are so alert but questioning.

I do have a more awesome photo (not of N) which is more awesome because of it’s rarity and how hard it is to be in the right place at the right time in the right season/weather…of us shepherding sheep with the steam coming off them against the winter sky.  But unfortunately, it was pre my amazing lumix camera using my old digital camera a few years ago which means it’s not that great a photo in resolution etc.  Shame, as that would make a great large photo for family members.

Anyway, go back to Sticky Finger’s blog to check out some other photos entered for this week’s gallery.  I’m sure there’ll be some fantastic pictures full of memories.

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  1. awww so gorgeous and definitely an awesome photo! The monochrome effect really works perfectly!

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