umbrellas displays in shopping street Banbury

Project 52 2019 week 33 – umbrellas

Week 4 of the summer holidays and it was a hard one being back at work after having last week off camping. N was out on the farm with his dad…well, that and spending time playing with his cousin, and going out doing shepherding jobs with his uncle. Simple times, and a lot of getting wet with all the wet weather we’ve had.

Not much has gone on this week. Sunday was a recovery after camping, and sorting out all the washing that needed doing.

The week at work was quite quiet with lots of people on holiday. Like usual we were either too cold or too hot in the office. While the weather was getting cooler and it felt like I’d be changing from my flip flops to slippers at home before long.

We’ve been using the second door at home this week because at the weekend a loose stone fell out from above the front door. Luckily nephew 2 is a builder’s apprentice so he came round and fixed it, re-cementing it for us. It’s looking like new now.

On Friday the OH confirmed he wasn’t coming on holiday with us this summer, so I booked N and I a few days away. I was looking at around Pembrokeshire, but couldn’t find anywhere with parking onsite, wifi and breakfast that wasn’t ridiculously expensive. So ended up booking in the Lake District, with 1 night on the way back down in Blackpool. Because N needs to experience there once in his life!

Saturday was school shoe shopping. N has the slowest growing feet, but has been in size 2 trainers for a while and recently they were getting too small in length so moved up to size 3. In the summer half term he’d needed new school shoes but the only ones we could find in shops were either trainer style or size 2 which he couldn’t get on his feet. So in desperation we got a size 3 which were good enough and didn’t swamp him too much. Their school only wear school shoes indoors so I wasn’t too worried if they weren’t perfect. N said he found they were comfortable.

But going for a shoe fitting today in a proper children’s shoe shop, he’s still only a size 1.5 and size 1. Admittedly Startrite sizing so maybe a 2 in other brands, but still more diddy than his feet look. Annoying it means that because he’s not a 2, he’s stuck with all the ugly trainer styles and only 2 ‘proper’ school shoes styles that I like. Luckily 1 pair fit fine, although he’s still insisting he’ll wear the cheapo brand I bought in the summer. It’s nuts how different shoes can fit.

I spent the rest of the day getting prepped for our theatre day in London.

This week’s Project 52 photo, week 33, was in town. Our town is a bit falling to pieces like many high streets – too high rents in the shopping centre and high street, so lots of empty buildings. But the old town areas work hard to create more buzz, and these umbrellas are down one of the random back streets. We rarely go that direction so it was a fluke we spotted them – I thought they were going to be put down the other main old town street, but they looked great against the blue sky and glass reflections. I’m glad I turned to take the photo looking the opposite way to where we were walking for those extra reflections.

umbrellas displays in shopping street Banbury

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  1. Hope you enjoy the Lake District… I really want to go there soon! We spent a night in Blackpool a few years back…was fun!

    Those umbrellas look pretty cool

  2. sadly the internet is killing the high street, we are our own worst enemies where that is concerned.
    I would happily go on holiday without my husband…
    Glad work was a quiet week.

  3. I am with you on the washing.. seems to take an age. I have not gone to Blackpool either but would like to. The Lake District is beautiful I am sure you will love it, so much to do. The umbrellas are beautiful. We are starting to struggle in the high street too.

  4. They looks great, took me a second to realise where that was, not been to town since they started knocking down the car park!
    sounds like a nightmare with N and shoes, thankfully we’ve got review ones which were too big when they came last year but fit him now. Hope you enjoyed your day in London #365

  5. Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I do love Blackpool, it is such a fun place to visit. Those umbrellas are great. x

  6. My feet measure a 7 which is my normal fit, but I’ve got shoes in an 8 and 6, the same goes with clothes for me also. Sounds like N had a good week out and about on the farm despite the rain. You were lucky no one was injured when the stone fell above the main door, glad you were able to get it fixed so quickly

  7. Have a fab holiday! I haven’t been to Blackpool for about 20 years. We have been talking about taking the kids next year.
    Those umbrellas look fab! What a great find x

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