spring onion flowers

Project 52 2021 week 27 – spring onions

This week’s been a mixed up one. From sunny hot weather to dreary, to lots of sport, and over busy work. I don’t think that’ll be changing for a couple of weeks until my event and various webinars are done. I’m just hoping that August is quieter – especially as I’m on leave for half of it.

Covid is dividing the nation with cases flying upwards, and the government ready to open everything up on the 19th despite this. No masks, no social distancing, anything goes and everything opened up. Millions likely to be isolating, mid August self isolating stopping for double vaccinated people, and travelling back from amber countries won’t need vaccinated people to quarantine either. Thankfully work have said they’ll ease back in gradually, and we can still work from home and flexibly til end of September.

Anyway onto our week 27 of Project 52.

Sunday was lovely. N had his last summer county training session. While he’s in his session, I go for a walk into the town. I found the medieval Abbey Gardens for a bit of photography and quiet time which was lovely. I was gutted to miss walking the right direction out of the tennis centre as I realised there was a great poppy field if I’d gone that way instead of into town. N’s on a mission now to play some tournaments over summer and get some wins in this age group. He doesn’t want to give up his place on the training, but he really needs to get some wins. He now has a bit of determination which is good to see, and it’s really important for him to be training with boys who are better than him.

On Monday it was the start of a manic work week. We’ve got 2 huge webinars over the next fortnight and then got dumped with extra potential issues thanks to someone else’s work proposals. Not a good day, and it increased an already busy workload for the week. I also sorted out N’s summer timetable with all the different tennis things he’s got going on. We might have gone a bit OTT, but he’s requested it all. I’m just hoping there’s a couple of more local options so he can get in some friendly tournaments with less time taken out of the diary.

N’s annual report came home from school. It was pretty amazing – he’s done great work this year and really progressed, as well as being a nice kid setting a good example with his work ethic and behaviour. Proud mum moment.

On Tuesday, school had book day so they all dressed up as book characters. N just went as Tom Gates again, using his self decorated cartoon t shirt he did 2 years ago! It still just about fit. More overtime spent at work again. The story of the week really.

Wednesday was more work and school. N was so excited to get his tennis ball delivery. He now has plenty of balls ready for when he moves up to the next age group. (and plenty for when we hit them over into next door!). N had his individual tennis lesson, and I got through a lot of my book. They were lucky the rain didn’t come down much, just a few spits.

Then of course, the big semi final match England vs Denmark in the Euros. N managed to stay up til full time but missed the win. Ok so there might have been quibbling over whether it should have been a penalty, but then we were denied one previously, and had bookings that were debatable. But it was a win and we’re all looking forward to Sunday’s final. (I’m getting a bit sick of Sweet Caroline as N keeps playing it).

On Thursday I spent a bit of time in the garden in the evening. My wall flowers are finally coming out – lots of purple, a couple of marigolds on the way. And my strange spring onions from 2 years ago now have their flowers coming out. I’ve never seen them before so it’s interesting to see.

Last working day of the week couldn’t come soon enough. I hate not getting through everything that needed doing thanks to extra things coming in. N had target assembly and got his gold award. He was a bit gutted because he’d missed platinum by about 4 points. It was also awards for year 6s. Next year they might be a few cups and awards short given N’s year group are so large. I thought they were at 16 (capacity is 15), but they’re actually 18. Sigh. Tennis was a good session, although there was a lot of football chat.

The OH got a phone call at midnight from his mum saying their dog wouldn’t stop barking and they thought there were burglars down the yard. As soon as he went out to investigate, the person hid. They drove around for a bit to see if there was a vehicle or anyone else around, then the person got out, and a car drove past just as the police arrived. We have security lights that come on, the dogs bark, and all the gates get locked properly. But people still think they are fine just to go into yards and steal equipment. Thankfully this time the dogs did their job and they left. There’s been quite a few attempted burglaries of houses and cars round here, as well as at farms. Frustrating how easy they seem to make it.

Saturday was a lovely day. N had his first playdate with a non school/non tennis friend. He’s one of our farming friends’ children we’ve gone camping with in the past. N went over to their house – they talked farming, went swimming and boating in their pond, drove their go kart buggy, and had a great time hanging out together. I stayed for a bit of a chat before heading home via a couple of jobs in town. Then when N got dropped off, they had a play in the garden getting out the tennis stuff and golf clubs. It was just a lovely normal Saturday.

spring onion flowers

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  1. I have never seen spring onions flower before either. Thats a bit scary about the burglars, good to know that the dogs did their job and that nothing was taken. Work sounds manic. I hope this week has been better for you. Sounds like N is going to have lots of fun over the Summer

  2. Glad your work is being flexible with working from home and easing back to the office gradually. Hope that N will be able to play some tournaments over the summer and fingers crossed for some wins for him too. Well done to him on his school report and getting a gold award. Glad the dogs managed to anything being taken – how worrying though to have an attempted burglary. #project365

  3. It sounds like things are hectic with you at the moment and that N is going to have a busy summer with all of the tennis. Well done to him with the school report.
    Thank goodness the dogs alerted you’s to the intruders and nothing was taken x

  4. Well done on N’s school report!

    Glad the dogs did their job and managed to warn you about the potential burglar, glad nothing was taken!

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