oddly satisfying things to make you smile

Oddly satisfying things that make you smile

My mum always said make the most of the little things. If you can think of the small pleasures and things that make you smile, you’ll always be able to see some positives even during hard times. I’d agree with that. It’s important to take time to be grateful for small positives. Those oddly satisfying things or activities that give pleasure.

Everyone has different things they like or find satisfying. 

It could be a view or occasion. 

A memory.

An outfit.

A meal.

Or something everyday that just works.

oddly satisfying things to make you smile

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Here’s some of the oddly satisfying things that make me smile (some of them could be a little strange…)

Oddly satisfying things

Peeling boiled eggs – I love doing this, the pleasure in managing to get the shell off without bits of the white stuck to it. Trying the different methods to see which works best.

Re-lacing shoes – my son is useless when he needs to balance out the lengths on trainer laces, or re-lace them after breaking the old laces. But I find it really calming to add laces back in, and get them even by the end.

Re-gripping a tennis racket – or squash racket. I used to change my racket grip* more frequently than was needed. Now I get to do N’s racket grip. Very satisfying and so nice having a new squashy grip to play with.

The release of a new season of a good tv show – which is even better when you don’t know it’s coming. For me, that’s Virgin River season 3 at the moment. I only watched the first two seasons a few months ago, so it’s all fresh in my mind. All the better for a new season release.

The sound of a perfect hit when playing racket sports. When you just know it’s a good clean shot. In squash a friend and I at uni used to just drill the ball up and down the walls so we could hear that perfect whack. Very satisfying, and good stress release.

Getting through a book or tv series uninterrupted. I’m not one for binge-watching, but if you can just go from one show or book to the next without watching or reading another inbetween, it’s bliss.

Finding forgotten money in an old purse or bag. I’m sure many women have pulled out their long forgotten evening bags and discovered a pocket with emergency taxi money stuffed in. Result.

Remembering something you thought you couldn’t remember just in time.

Parking perfectly first time. Although it doesn’t have to be first attempt for me, as I’m a bit particular about parking well. If I’ve parked well, it means I can enjoy pouring scorn on all the selfish poor parking in other spaces (more people should want to park better in my opinion – there’d be a lot fewer unusable spaces).

Turning on the radio to your favourite track. No dodgy earworms

No substitutions in your food delivery (although if you have any, it’s always quite nice if they’re a better product than you ordered and you get it cheaper).

Removing a splinter.  My sister in law is happy to dig splinters out of fingers with a needle if anyone here’s unable to do it themselves. 

Popping a blister or spot – yes, we all know we shouldn’t do it, but sometimes it just needs easing.

Air conditioning kicking on, whether in the car, or in a hotel room.  Even better, if you’re out dancing and you don’t realise there is air con and it kicks in.

Colour coordination – rainbow displays always look pretty even if they’re not practical for things like book storage.

Stickers that are easily removed from books or other purchases. More shops could get this right because too many times I’ve had to get out tweezers or similar to remove the remaining bit of sticker (usually on a gift purchase)

Learning a dance and finishing on exactly the right beat.

Wrapping a present and getting the paper cut just right.

Traffic lights all going your way.

The first view of the sea when heading on holiday.

Opening something that’s in celllophane and peeling it off, when it almost feels a bit like static holding it to the box.

Getting a new hair cut that is just right, and feeling the bounce of perfect hair as you walk down the street.

Just a few satisfying things. 

What would you include on your list?

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  1. Ahh! I love peeling hard boiled eggs. There is something really satisfying about it and finding money you have hidden makes you feel like you’ve won at life!
    Great list! x

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