Wasgij original 37 holiday fiasco

Wasgij Original 37 Holiday Fiasco solution

It’s always a good time when new Wasgij releases come out. If you’re a fan of them, they usually release 2-3 a couple of times a year, but they do sell out really quickly. I tend to sign up to puzzle website newsletters to find out when they’re released in the UK. But I still often find they’re sold out when I go to the websites. Some will email when they get new stock in so I then snap them up. The latest I’ve completed was Wasgij Original 37 Holiday Fiasco, and I’m sharing the solution below.

Wasgij original 37 holiday fiasco

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Like all the Wasgij Original range, you’re trying to work out what someone from the box image is looking at. This is the solution you need to complete the puzzle.

In this version, holiday makers arrive at their holiday resort, and you need to imagine what disasters they might be seeing. It’s a fun puzzle like usual, with some of the traditional characters appearing. It’s not really a holiday people would want, but the puzzle is fun to do.

I found this one quite easy. It only took 3 sessions to complete, even after having a couple of months off doing Wasgij puzzles. So like most of the newer Wasgij puzzles*, it’s an easier one to complete.

If you’re looking for the solution scroll down, or you can find my step by step guide to completing a Wasgij puzzle which will help without needing the image solution (it also includes links to all my other Wasgij solutions). I’ve also included a video to get a bit closer.

wasgij original 37 holiday fiasco solution

Do let me know how you get on with this Wasgij Original 37 puzzle.

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