Wasgij Christmas 16 Christmas show puzzle

Wasgij Christmas 16 The Christmas Show

I have a huge pile of Christmas puzzles to do (i always get drawn to them even when it’s summer), so I’ll be leaving my Wasgij ones for a while. But I’m sharing the latest Wasgij Christmas 16 puzzle. Wasgij – The Christmas Show.

Wasgij Christmas 16 Christmas show puzzle

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As you can imagine the box image shows a school Christmas production with the audience sitting in anticipation of what will be happening on stage. Like most of the Christmas Wasgij puzzles, you get a free box image puzzle as well (although I rarely do those unless I’ve run out of puzzles in my pile).

What you need to work out is what one of the characters is seeing as they look out. The box as usual has some hints to help you get started, and there’s usually a 4th on the Wasgij website. Alternatively you can just scroll down to see my finished Christmas Show jigsaw.

It’s a fun show with different Christmas characters played by the children, along with adults chasing around and trying to keep things under control.

I found this a straightforward puzzle to complete. There’s lots of colours, some fun characters, and if you work by colours it’s an easy process. If you’re not used to completing Wasgij puzzles and want some tips on how to finish them, go and read my step by step guide.

You can buy the Christmas Show puzzle* from Amazon or other online puzzle stores. If you want to get new puzzles when they first come out, it’s worth subscribing to newsletters, as well as watching out for the ‘notify when it’s back in stock which some puzzle websites offer.

wasgij christmas 16 the christmas show

Let me know how you get on

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