Party bag ideas for themed birthday partiesi

Ideas for the best children’s themed party bags

Birthday parties might be fairly limited at the moment given social distancing and other Covid restrictions around the world, but sometimes it’s good to have ideas for later. Parties to look forward to once everyone can mix again. Or even for small household parties, or outdoor get togethers where allowed. So I’ve pulled together ideas for party bag fillers that could fit different themed birthday parties.

When N has had parties, they’ve generally been quite small, so we’ve been able to focus on one more interesting party bag gift, rather than lots of little plastic tat things. Sometimes you can’t get away from the tat, so hopefully some of these ideas will provide a bit more interest or activity for children coming to parties.

Most people want to keep party costs there’s several ways you can do this for themed party bags.

Party bag ideas for themed birthday partiesi

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How to keep party bag costs down

1. Don’t do party bags, just a piece of cake

2. Buy in buik and split up – book sets work well, or stationery

3. Haggle – if you’re buying more than one item from sellers on ebay or similar online marketplaces, make them an offer, or ask if they discount for multiple purchases. 

4. Buy one key gift, rather than lots of little bits that add up to more.

5. Have a party activity where the children make their party bag filler – e.g we’ve done slime, fabric painting t shirts etc.

You can go generic for party bag fillers but if you’ve got a themed birthday party, then match the party bags to the theme. It doesn’t have to be complicated, and you don’t need to provide lots in party bags.

Especially once you get to tween age, the type of things children might prefer can be smaller (think make up vs frisbee at a younger age), so can look a little measly in a party bag. Why not make your own gift bags (easily made from magazine pages or wrapping paper), or gift boxes that can be reused. A slice of cake can just be wrapped in a napkin.

Here’s my ideas for different party bag fillers for different themes.

Themed party bag ideas

Science party

Either ready made, or try making the gift as an activity during the party

  • Slime 
  • Kaleidescope
  • Stomp rockets
  • Bug box
  • Mini fossil dig kit
  • Rubiks Cube

Sports party

  • Frisbee or mini boomerang
  • Velcro catch games
  • Balls of choice – beach ball, football, tennis balls
  • Cricket set – you can often find these for under a fiver from places like B&M or Home Bargains. Good for younger children size wise.
  • Pocket kites
  • Water bottles
  • Skipping rope
  • Inflatable for a pool party
  • Sunglasses – try these sports style glasses*
  • Football themed silicone wristbands. You can get these in all different colours and quotes, so find the most appropriate for the party you’re hosting.

Mermaid or unicorn party

  • Bead sets
  • Colouring books on the theme
  • Books 
  • Face paint and tutorial
  • Personalised t shirt
  • Cookie or cupcake set to make at the party or afterwards.
  • Themed collectibles

Craft party

Make your own craft sets up to keep costs down

Pirate party

  • Decopatch treasure chese, Gold bar or chocolate coins
  • Pirate themed stickers and themed stationery

Harry Potter party

  • Collectibles
  • Top Trumps
  • Hogwarts clothing
  • DIY wand kit or make the wands in the party
  • Stationery set
  • Book – about the making of or behind the scenes rather than the novels.

Cooking or restaurant party

  • Cupcake in a jar kit
  • Cookies and decorating kit
  • Chefs had and colouring pens to design their own
  • Children’s baking set (or a couple of utensils like spatula and wooden spoon)
  • Homemade personalised apron

Beauty or spa theme

  • Lip gloss or nail polish – not too full on make up for parents who don’t want their children too into make up at a young age
  • Hair chalk or colour spray
  • Hair tinsel or clip in colour
  • Friendship bracelet kit

Hopefully this provides some ideas for party bag ideas when the party is themed. You can read more ideas at my post on birthday party theme ideas.

What kind of things would you add to themed party bags?

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