Iced fairy cakes

Project 52 2021 week 7 – fairy cakes

Life is much the same as usual, as I expect it is for most people. This week the weather was a bit warm, but with the wind it still didn’t feel anywhere near as warm as they’d said it would be. Covid cases are going down, so let’s hope that continues.

Onto week 7 of Project 52.

On Sunday, we just lazed around again. Puzzles, reading and more. N’s homework this week is just to read a whole chapter book. He was pretty good at just getting on with it. I made buttermilk scones – they looked a bit overdone, but N reckoned they were better than my usual ones. Always good when my cooking is appreciated.

Monday I was back working while N was off for half term. He didn’t do much all day, although did take the dog out and tried a bit of training with her. Then spent some time interrupting me with trying to make a balloon into a phone case. Another hack he’s seen on Youtube!

On Tuesday it was a bit wet. The sun did come out and we spotted a double rainbow. My amaryllis has a second stalk and flowers coming out. Something I’ve actually managed to keep alive. N wanted to cook again so I talked him through making most of our bacon, tomato and pepper cannelloni. It was pancake day so we had those for pudding (yes, we’re strange that we don’t just eat lots of pancakes for tea. I would but that’s not the done thing with the OH). I doubled the batter mix because we never have enough for leftovers the next morning. The jug was full, but we still only got 2-2.5 pancakes each. We do have a huge pan rather than the tiny 7 inch size suggested.

Wednesday I had a half day off work before being on leave until Monday. N spent most of the day out on the farm. I read a lot in the afternoon. I’ve been getting through books quite fast at the moment, but also picking up a lot of Kindle book deals.

On Thursday, N decided he wanted to bake cupcakes, so we headed to the village shop to pick up a few bits. I say we, but he stays in the car while I queue and shop. N needed a bit of help with the chocolate cupcakes, but they were delicious and went down very well. The only issue is that he always wants to take them over to the farm at breaktime, so they disappear really quickly.

Friday was another day of leave. I finally started another puzzle. My latest Wasgij was sooo hard, it took me a while so I needed some time off. We spent the morning cleaning and tidying. The OH even paid N so he did the vacuuming. It’s never so bad doing cleaning when you do it together. I was sick of cooking so we decided to have fish and chips takeaway. It was really quiet there when we went to pick up – much faster than normal to get our order. It’s nice to have an occasional takeaway treat.

On Saturday, N wanted to bake more fairy cakes again. This time he did them all himself without supervision until he got to the icing. I had to mix that and spoon it on – he just decorates them. I need to get him progressing onto other meals and treats. But it’s great he’s so enthusiastic. Saturday was also the start of another virtual Ceroc weekend. I did 2 classes, and started another until my brother turned up to chat through the window and give N his belated birthday present. It meant I missed most of the class but nice to see him after so long. Hopefully I’ll get to do some more in the evening and on Sunday.

Iced fairy cakes

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  1. Bacon, tomato and pepper cannelloni sounds so good! I would love to try that. We had quite a few pancakes. I do love them but I don’t want them to replace my main meal either, so I would agree with your OH lol. The fairy cakes look lovely. You are good with all the baking you do as a family.

  2. I love how much your son loves backing such a great hobby to embrace. It sounds like you had a great mix and work this week. I think I need some holiday days! I will have to take a look at the puzzles you do. It will time for me to buy another one soon #365

  3. Sounds like a good balance between work and time off. The fairy cakes look great, I am also trying to encourage my eldest to spend more time in the kitchen. I am still not finding the time to read I really need to try harder to fit it in.

  4. I think the weather has really warmed up this week. The Covid cases here have really dropped and I am so happy about that. I do hope it continues.
    I hope N got to read all the chapters in his book that he needed to.
    What pretty fairy cakes! They look so good. x

  5. Oh well done on the fairy cakes! He did really well with them! Bee loves baking but can’t do it alone at the moment and I’m not fond of the mess and clear up after.

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