Wasgij original 36 new year resolutions -

Wasgij Original 36 New Year Resolutions solution

With the current demand on jigsaws, you have to be quick to pick up any new releases. This time round I knew there were Wasgij puzzles being dropped and was on the ball. I’d signed up to hear about new releases from a few online puzzle companies, and was able to get in quick for my most recent purchases.

Wasgij tend to release a couple of new puzzles 2-3 times a year, depending on the country. This time there were 3 brand new and 2 re-releases under the Retro banner. I decided 5 was a bit extreme and just bought Wasgij Original 36 New Year Resolutions, and the 2 new Retro puzzles. I am regretting passing the other 2 up now though as they’re sold out – I’ll need to look out for them second hand.

Onto Wasgij Original 36 – New Year Resolutions.

Wasgij original 36 new year resolutions -

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One of the Wasgij Original range, this puzzle is set in an exercise class. Some of the well known characters appear, with a wide array of exercise outfits along with the instructors on the stage. With the Originals, you need to solve the puzzle of what one of the characters is seeing from their perspective.

This was one of the easier puzzles – I always find the more recent ones easier than the older in the range. There’s plenty of colours, and you can easily build up the banners and room too.

If you’re after the solution scroll down to see the image and a video.

Why not also check my step by step guide to completing a Wasgij without looking at the solution or find out which puzzle accessories I use and recommend are worth a try if you want to stop aching shoulders and necks from doing puzzles on the floor (yes I used to make the mistake of doing that!).

Wasgij original 36 new years resolutions solution

You can buy Wasgij puzzles from various online jigsaw puzzle websites, try Amazon. Or once the high street is open, try charity shops, The Works*, Hobbycraft or Argos.

Let me know your favourite Wasgij you’ve completed.

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