Wasgij original 5 late booking solution

Wasgij Retro Original 5 – Late Booking solution

I don’t think I’ve done such a hard Wasgij puzzle in a long time, but this was really hard. It’s nice to have a challenge, but I do like to whip through them, rather than think a puzzle will go into another week. Especially when I only do a small bit at a time before thinking ‘no more, too hard’. But after a couple of break days, and some stints where I probably only added about 25 pieces in at a time, Wasgij Retro Original 5 Late Booking was complete.

Wasgij original 5 late booking solution

This isn’t in my favourite Wasgij puzzle list, but I’m glad I completed it.

The retro Wasgij are older puzzles they’ve brought back as their Retro specials. I’ve only found out recently that there’s always a slight difference in the retro puzzles compared to their original version which is a nice surprise. I always say the older puzzles are much harder than the newer ones, and this one certainly was.

Like the other Wasgij Original puzzles, you find the solution by working out what one of the characters is seeing. In this case the box image shows people arriving at a hotel, but that’s not what they’re seeing.

There are some parts that were easy to start with – the middle of the building/stained glass, and some of the outfits and the mountains. But there’s a lot of brickwork and yellow that is much harder to complete.

If you’re looking for some clues, or just the solution, scroll below to find the final Wasgij Retro Original 5 – Late Booking solution.

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Wasgij retro original 5 Late booking

Let me know how you get on with the Retro Wasgij puzzles.

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