Natrasan first aid spray review and comp
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Healing power of Natrasan First aid spray – giveaway

Generally I’m quite relaxed about medical treatment for bumps and bruises.  We get a lot of bruises.  I think it’s genetic (plus I’m on warfarin so bruise more easily now), because as a child my mum always worried about all my leg bruises, and N’s the same.  My view is that it’s a sign of a great fun childhood, exploring with lots of physical exercise.

I think N’s been pretty lucky as well.  He has had quite a few accident reports at nursery over the 3 years he’s been there, but they’ve rarely been anything more than a bit of redness, or a bump on the head.  Very few cuts and scrapes.  And on the farm, he’s not come home covered in blood or with scraped knees.  So our medical kit at home is probably quite lacking in antiseptic items.

But I do now have a back-up in the form of Natrasan first aid spray. Natrasan kills 99.9999% of harmful germs including bacteria, fungi, viruses etc, meaning it’s got great disinfectant and antibacterial properties, and perfect for helping heal grazes, cuts and wounds, de-odorising, treating stings or athletes foot.  It contains Hydrochlorous acid, a really mild acid that kills off pathogens.

Natrasan first aid spray review and comp

Natrasan is safe for humans, animals and the environment, making it good for family health, plus it’s multi-use.  It can be used to clean worksurfaces – just spray directly on or onto a cloth and wipe.  Or by spraying onto spots and acne to help clear them up.  I’ve not yet tried that, but reckon it’s a great idea – the spray isn’t too wild or wide reaching, so there shouldn’t be much danger of getting it in my eyes.

I’ve used it so far on a mystery scratch I have on my arm.  It didn’t sting, and didn’t dribble wet down my arm.  The scratch seemed to heal quicker than it might have done and it’s not really scabbed either, just healed up.  I’m planning to try it on a scratch N came home with yesterday too.  The fact it didn’t sting going on, means it should be good for using on him too.

Natrasan is available in a spray format, a 200ml pump bottle and can be bought for around £10.  However, I have a spray to giveaway.  Just answer the question in the comments, go back to the rafflecopter widget to confirm you’ve entered, and you’re in the draw.

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Disclosure: I received product to review and giveaway, all words and opinions are my own.

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  1. My daughter broke piggy bank of her brother and stood on the piece of glass – managed to sort it out without trip to A&E though so not too bad,

  2. My son is 18 months and hasn’t had anything nasty yet (touch wood) but he’s had a few head bumps !

  3. My 3 year old daughter recently slice under her eyebrow after running in to a display stand in tescos.

  4. she hasn’t had am accident but needed emergency op for her appendix which was infected

  5. My eldest was knocked over and had a pin placed in his leg. My youngest fell over while playing football and broke both his hands.

  6. Nothing bad just yet, but now he is starting to run about im guessing there will be plenty of knocks and bangs to come

  7. My youngest fell over and had someone land on his finger, he didn’t realise it was broken until a week later when it started looking lumpy and deformed

  8. My daughter fell over at primary school, and her little finger bent right back. Obviously we had to go to hospital, and the doctor put it back in place. Quite an ordeal though 🙁

  9. My youngest son fell off his bike (face first). Teeth missing, cuts and bruises all over, especially on his chin. Awful. So much blood. The hardest part was trying not to show my own distress and it frightens them so much more than they already are.

  10. My son fell off a stool at my sister in laws house, hit his head on a glass tv unit – was very lucky not to split his head open but has a massive bruise and bump and put his teeth though his lip, he was only 2 and he still has the scar yet.

  11. I’m really lucky that so far we have only had scraped knees but it is best to be prepared for worse injuries 🙂

  12. My son was playing in a cardboard box as I was moving house and fell backovers hitting the wall and splitting his head open.

  13. My seven month old granddaughter broke her femur when her big sister put her on the top bunk and she rolled off.

  14. My daughter is a very cautious child so we haven’t had any serious accidents yet. The worst was probably when she first started walking. She toddled into the bathroom, tripped over her own feet and smacked into the corner of the bath which resulted in a split lip.

  15. Shutting a heavy door on her fingers 🙁 – wanted to take the pain away for her x

  16. My daughter stood up the bath and fell against the towel rail chipping her 2 front teeth!

  17. MY daughter fell off her chair (after being asked not to play on it) and hit her head on the sideboard, massive bruise and admission to hospital

  18. My son fell over and hit his head on a small table while at nursery. He had a cut next to his eye and we had to go to A & E.

  19. Cut his big toes right on the bone after tripping over a broken toilet (he shouldn’t have been playing where he did it) needed a couple of stitches

  20. my daughter fell down the stairs once she was only 1 1/2, it was horrible, but luckily she had no broken bones just a little scab on her chin and nose. I can still see it 🙁

  21. The worst was when my son was pushed over the top of a slide onto a concrete patio!

  22. my son ran into the bathroom and slipped smashing his face off the toilet, how he didn’t slipt his head I dont know

  23. Nothing yet, but my son is just learning to walk so am sure there will be plenty in years to come

  24. My eldest head butted a large window and smashed it showering himself in glass but sustained only one small cut.

  25. My youngest had 2 accidents at nursery within a few days, first time he fell and had a huge lump on his forehead, then he fell and dislocated his elbow.

  26. My son fell & hit his nose on my TV stand, he hit his nose on a sharp handle on one of the draws & the cut was so deep you could see the cartilage! It was horrific, there was so much blood 🙁 I felt so bad because the handles on the stand had never even crossed my mind as a danger at the time 🙁 xx

  27. A nasty cut to the head from falling from a pogo stick, butterfly stitches were needed.

  28. My son cracked his head open and took half the skin off his cheek off free running

  29. Eldest fell through a gap in our outside chair when she was really young but nothing serious

  30. My son contracted a staph infection after cutting his leg which took ages to clear up even with antibiotics.

  31. I’ve been so lucky so far (touch wood!), my daughters haven’t really had any accidents at all yet. Nothing like me as I was constantly in and out of A+E as a child!

  32. A cut on the head, rather than stitching it tho the doctor cleverly used her hair, knotting it to hold the cut together

  33. It was actually my grand-daughter,she tripped and fell against a low marble table.She was only two and there was blood everywhere and her two front teeth were missing.We arrived at casualty where she was x-rayed but no sign of having swallowed the teeth.The consultant didn’t want to distress her any further as there was too much trauma and swelling.We went back the following week and discovered her two front teeth had been pushed right back into the gum.They did eventually come down again but were rather squint and discoloured.I hope I never see anything like that again,the amount of blood and the distress of my little grand-daughter,it was really dreadful x

  34. My daughter stuck some scissors in her leg when she was doing arts and crafts

  35. my youngest son was outside in our garden and he tripped over the kick bar of our back door and fell straight into the wall which as stone chipping on it he had a puncture wounds to his head it was so scary i had never seen so much blood and we couldnt stop the bleeding thankfully the ambulance man helped

  36. He liked to follow me into the bathroom. I was shaving my legs, didn’t see him and he put his fingers on my leg. Thankfully not much harm done just some sore fingers.

  37. Very luckily, they haven’t had a “serious” accident. But a wasp flew into Phoenix’s ear. She was OK though and it was a “guess what happened to me” moment the day after lol. Tough little girl. 😀

  38. You did ask . .. The light bulb had gone in his room as light bulbs do , he ran into the room and stood on it .. it had fell out. He came calmly down the streets with his foot flapping as he limped .. I went to bits for the first time ever.. He was off school for weeks cos he refused stitches.. i had to take him every other day to get his dressing changed..

  39. I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  40. Both my boys have split their heads open, one had a stone thrown at him at school and the other one fell off the dining room chair (he stood on the chair and lent against the back and it tipped over) both really scary.

  41. Touch wood, nothing too serious, although my sons knees are always bruised and nearly everyday he comes out of school with a note from the nurse to say he’s had a trip to the first aid room for a cold compress and a plaster!!!!

  42. My eldest son fell and hit just above his eye on a bath whilst on holiday in portugal.It was very scary at the time and there was a lot of blood.

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