robin on top of a fence

Project 52 2021 week 6 – robin

Yay, we’ve reached half term. It’s felt like a long term, although still surprising that it’s actually been 5 and a bit weeks of school since we started remote learning again. Of course we’ve got no plans for half term, but I’ve got a couple of days off and it feels like I really need it. Covid cases are coming down gradually and vaccines are now moving onto the next states (over 60s/underlying conditions).

Here’s week 6 of project 52.

On Sunday, it was mostly a puzzle day completing another Wasgij. My daffodils starting blooming too. It’s lovely having flowers back in the kitchen again.

Monday morning was the start of all the cold weather. I wanted to try frozen puzzles, but it wasn’t cold enough. N built himself a little work corner in the back room to avoid being so disturbed by my meetings. He wants us to get a proper desk to put there which we should really do at some point. But he was quite happy with his makeshift desk set up and blanket curtain to keep his area warm.

Not much going on on Tuesday. I’ve got a bit sick of decided meals to cook, so did a quick tuna pasta bake. It went down well, and we don’t have it very often so it’s nice to have something different.

On Wednesday, I tried again with frozen bubbles. Still no freezing. I do get distracted from work quite a lot by the birds in the garden. This week I finally managed to get some good photos of the robin.

Thursday was colder and less windy so we headed outside for photos again. A few icicle photos later, but I had to give up on bubbles. We just have too much breeze where we live. N spotted the green woodpecker visitor on the back fence. I’m finally getting him to recognise more birds. Once he finished school work I set him off looking up about Britpop bands and songs because I mentioned his hair was looking a bit overgrown Britpop style. He’s discovered Blur’s Song 2, and it’s a new favourite.

On Friday, I woke with a really painful back. I’d obviously slept badly, but it took a long time to ease. We started the day taking the bins down to the gate. It was so chilly we had to start the school and working day with hot chocolate. I made peppermint Oreo fudge, so will be sharing that recipe soon. N’s school work was pretty much maths, a bit of SPAG and then they could watch Michael Morpurgo’s Shakespeare reading of The Tempest. They finished early, so we forgot to log back in for Target Assembly later. N already had his silver certificate, as it had been dropped off earlier in the week. They’ve not been set any homework over half term which is good. Just reading – they have to read a book. N’s chosen Kay’s Anatomy, which will be a challenge to get through in 1 week. That’s 45 pages a day, but he’s game.

On Saturday we had to go into town. We have TB testing one day next week and the OH wanted them to have bacon butties for a quick lunch stop. Of course he mentioned this after my food delivery had already arrived, so we needed to go to the butcher’s and to get bread rolls. It was the first visit into town since just after Christmas. I had a nice chat in the butcher’s and to the bakery stall owner. Then we warmed up by getting hot chocolate drive through for a treat. The rest of the day was a bit of reading, and watching N’s current favourite on Netflix – Little Lunch. Even I find it very funny.

robin on top of a fence

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  1. Lovely photo of the Robin. Not heard of Little Lunch on netflix. Will have to check it out and see if it’s something Bee will like.

    I have had a few mornings of back pain…think I have been sleepy weirdly or something as it eases off after a few hours

  2. That is a gorgeous picture of a robin. I had my TB test a few weeks ago and it was pain free, just a blood test really. Hope your back is better now

  3. What a cute inquisitive-looking robin! I love robins, they are so sweet. We’ve ordered a desk for E, just need to get hold of someone to assemble it. He’s also been saying he needs a desk of his own, so far he’s been working on a big table in the dining room, sharing space with me. Your Oreo fudge reminded me that I should make some as well, my guys love it (though just plain, not mint).
    Hope your back has improved.

  4. I keep meaning to try frozen bubbles, but think it may have passed for another year! Nice to have a wander into town even if it is just for the change of scenery. I now fancy a bacon butty! I am still to try making fudge. I really should before lockdown ends and other things come up.

  5. Shame you couldn’t capture the frozen puddles and bubble photographs. i never even thought of attempting any until after the cold snapped finished. Hope your back is better now and didn’t cause you too much pain

  6. It’s crazy to think it was only 5 and a bit weeks doing home learning. It seems like a lot longer.
    That’s a shame you didn’t get any frozen bubbles.
    hehehe! That’s so cool your son likes Blur now. I love Song 2.
    Good luck to him with the reading.
    What a pretty robin x

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