Confident game review

Party game or family game – Confident? game review

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As an Asmodee Board Game blogger, we were sent the Confident? game to review. As it’s only N and I who play board games in our house, it’s great to find another game we can add to our regular pile when it’s just us as so many need more people.

Confident game review

The game is all about guessing the range that the answer falls between. Points for guessing the correct range depend on how confident you are and therefore how small the range you’ve guessed is.  Question cards cover everything with a numeric answer, from numbers of films by Pixar, to how many times Donald Trump tweeted a day.

range guess and size of range answers for confident game

We had a good laugh at the questions, were astounded at some of the answers, and I triumphed getting right how many weeks the longest number 1 single was at the top of the charts. Poor N being young didn’t stand a chance at knowing that answer.

While the game suggests age 11+, N at age 9 could still play. Because it’s asking for a range, you don’t actually need to know the answer, you can just wildly guess, and he wasn’t far behind me in the end.

hiding his answers for board game confident

How to play Confident?

Each player has a wipe clean board and pen. The question card is asked and everyone writes down their range from lowest to highest, then calculates the size of their range. Answers are shared at the same time, and the people with a range including the answer gets a point. 3 points are awarded for a correct range that is the smallest size.

confident game contents

There are also boosts that can be played. You can COPY another person’s answer, SWAP to get 2 players to swap their answers, or BOOST by getting double points if your range is correct. 

The winner is the person who gets to 15 points first.

checking the scorecard in confident game

To play you only need a minimum of 2 players, but you can easily play with more, even playing in teams, so Confident? would be great for playing with family and friends. In Covid times, you could even play over video calls with friends.

We had a real laugh playing Confident? The questions are fun, and it’s easy and fast to pick up. If you want more of a challenge there are alternative bonus options you can add suggested in the instructions. N loved having his own pen with a cleaner/wiper in the lid, and there’s everything you need to play the game time and time again.

finding the answer out for the question in Confident game

All the paper and wood used for the game are either from sustainable forests or recycled materials, and for every game bought, a tree planting is funded.

We’ll be adding the game to our regular playing pile, and once we start getting together with friends, I’ll take this with us. It would be good for our camping trips too.

You can buy the Confident? game via my Amazon affiliate link.

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