single red leaf amongst green

Autumn park visit and DIY refreshments

I love autumn. It’s my favourite season, although this year I doubt we’ll be getting out as much to make the most of the autumnal colours as usual. This weekend we did meet up with N’s school and tennis friend for a playdate in a nearby park.

We’ve not been to that park for about 3 years, but they’ve added so much new equipment, and there’s so much more for their age. We thought we’d try meeting there, and if they enjoyed playing there we could meet up there more in future.

church on a hill
walking up to the graveyard

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The weather was a bit grey although warm enough that they stripped off their jackets once they’d run around for a while.

Previously there were only a few pieces of equipment there. But now they’ve added obstacle course equipment around the edge, plus 2 good football goals, gym equipment and an undercover area with table tennis table in. Not forgetting the zipwire (which N fell of at 3 years old) and there’s plenty for children their age.

park obstacle course next to the trees

N had taken his frisbee and Nerf Vortex* with us, but they didn’t do much playing with those.

The gym equipment always draws N in so they had some time trying that out. The zip wire was a bit of fun but they spent most of their time playing table tennis. I was surprised that there was bat and balls there rather than having to take our own, but hopefully the equipment will stay there and not be stolen.

standing amongth yellow and brown leaves

Us mums had a nice chat while the boys played. I’d taken hot chocolate in a Chillys bottle and Hydro Flask* so they stopped for hot chocolate and marshmallows when they needed a break. I think that’s the way forward, taking hot drinks with us when we’re going to the park. And not forgetting a towel to wipe down seated equipment! I forgot so we had to dig out some tissues where the gym equipment was still wet from the early morning damp.

hot chocolate in pink ikea beaker
Served in a classic Ikea beaker!

It was probably only an hour out playing for them, but it was so nice to be out. The park is always really quiet, and even though the church nearby had a service on while we were there, we didn’t see anyone else. I think we’ll have to make more effort to go down there as we do enjoy a game of table tennis. It saves removing the table cloth to play on the kitchen table at home.

single red leaf amongst green

The only downside was not too many colourful autumnal leaves around. I think we need to visit some woods or other places to walk to enjoy the colours.

Have you made some new park discoveries over recent months?

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