end of a dog walk enjoying the garden

Project 52 2020 week 42 – dog walk

Week 42, and it’s all change again for much of the country with 3 Tiers brought in. Bizarrely all the high Covid areas except one were put into tier 2. Surely they should have been in the top tier? Some people in tier 2 were saying their restrictions are now lower than they’d previously been. Things are still getting worse, although still a bit below average here.

Here’s our weeek 42.

On Sunday it was a chilled out day with not a lot done other than a bit of vacuuming, jigsaw and reading.

Monday back to school and work. Work has been really busy thanks to forecasting although I did have a distraction in the form of the father in law burning some garden waste on top of a tree stump in the front garden. I was having a few weird car things going on. I’ve had an engine system service light come on – was checked in September’s service and something was changed to sort it. But it came on again, booked the car back in for November (they’ve got such big back ups due to Covid lockdown. But the car started struggling a bit in 2nd gear, and cut out as I pulled into school.

Tuesday, some Christmas presents I’d ordered arrived. So that’s my godson and his sister sorted, and also got a few small bits for N this week. The car struggled even more, this time it felt like losing power in 4th going to 5th gear. Because I’d serviced the car at the dealer this time, I had Volvo Assistance to ring – they could jump the queue at the dealer if they couldn’t fix what was wrong. The guy was out within the hour, cleaned out the air filters and reckoned it was driving fine. But recommended sending it in to have more checks that he didn’t have equipment fore. I’d get a courtesy car.

Wednesday I had to drop off my car at the garage. Luckily I could take an hour flexi so did it then and picked up the courtesy car. I’d asked for a manual as I’ve only ever once driven an automatic on a test drive with someone in the car with me. But the only manual they had was a Citroen Berlingo. I wasn’t driving a little ‘van’ – the OH would have laughed non stop at that. So decided to have the automatic which turned out to be a 20 plate semi hybrid XC60. Trying to 10 point turn that out of the car park was fun, and it took a while to get used to putting my foot down straight away when pulling off. But it was quite a nice drive. The seats weren’t as comfy as mine though, and the fuel economy was terrible (petrol where the battery only seems to kick in at start up.

N had a good tennis private session. Lobs and approach shots, so really starting to put together different movement and strategy of playing. This is where privates really work on the detail, because they really can’t do that in group sessions so much.

On Thursday I had to take the car back. I put N in morning club for school so I could drop off early and get back to work only 5 minutes late. It turned out there was a loose wire hence the weird stuff in the car, so hopefully that’s it fixed now.

More parcels turned up. I don’t know why but all of a sudden all the delivery drivers are scared of dogs. That’s 4 this week, all scared, including one who’s been 3 times in the last month and even though I’ve reassured him each time he’s still scared each time. The puppies are usually shut up, or only out with people. So it’s only the old labrador, who’s soft as anything, doesn’t bark, doesn’t jump up is around. She just wants to be stroked. Usually delivery people love the dogs and make a right fuss of them.

Friday is was a busy end to the week at work. Too many meetings and I’ve still not been able to finish the one thing I needed to do. Next week it’s my top priority. N got his first target certificate at school (basically they all get this first one). I forgot about the virtual teams target assembly, but I’m sure there’ll be more through the year. There was another tennis group session in the evening. I chatted to one of the other mums, who’s a teacher at the catchment school N will likely go to so it was good to chat to her as a new teacher at the school.

Saturday has been a bit of a boring day. Good news that there were no positives in the cow TB testing earlier in the week. N was very relieved as he’d been worried about his calf testing positive. But all fine We played a review game Confident? which was fun. I got out my book for a good reading session, picked lots of cooking apples for crumble and the freezer. I also started a rag wreath kit my best friend gave me for my birthday. It’s going to take a while. N went out for a dog walk with the pup a couple of times around the back field, as the OH was off farming somewhere else.

How’s your week been?

end of a dog walk enjoying the garden

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  1. I hope this covid situation settles down at some point. That’s some car issues. OoOoOo gifts. Glad to hear that he is improving and it’s great that he had a private session. Our delivery guys, milkman, plumbers, everyone is scared of my dogs who loved scaring everyone.

  2. Sorry to hear you have had so many problems with your car this week. Ours is getting a few issues sorted later this week and I dread to think of the cost! Well done getting some bits organised for Christmas, it seems to be speeding up now we are almost in November. Yikes where is the time going.

  3. We borrowed a hybrid XC90 on a trip to wales and found the fuel economy was rubbish, although I am not sure we had it set up correctly – lovely to drive though.Hope the car is sorted now

    1. AWD will never be great, but the battery on the one I had only seemed to kick in when pulling off, then the petrol kicked in. Weird. Seems like there’s no point.

  4. Sorry to hear your car has been giving you trouble. Hope the issues have been sorted by now.
    I think some people are intimidated by dogs, especially the bigger ones. I’m not a dog person, and try to avoid them, if possible.
    The only Christmas-related shopping I have done is buying the advent calendars for myself and Eddie.

  5. Hope you’ve got the car sorted. There’s nothing wrong with a Citroen Berlingo, I bought a new one during lockdown, it’s fab for taking Bob out and you wouldn’t know you’re in a van. The kids call it my Granny mobile. I am a Granny. Great news about the TB tests.

    1. I would get so much stick (I had loads of stick for driving a Qashqai before this one, being told it was a granny vehicle (the last hire car I had was a Nissan Note – old version – and it was awful). My first car was a Citroen Saxo, which I loved but the OH deemed not safe enough for driving 35000 miles a year down the motorway!

  6. Fingers crossed that your car is all fixed now. Glad that N’s tennis lesson went well. I have to admit I’m a little scared of dogs too so have a little sympathy with your delivery drivers but I do love the photo of your dog. The rag wreath sounds like a fun project. #project366

    1. I used to be scared of dogs as a child thanks to a little jack russell going for me. I’m still not keen on little dogs (what’s the point!), and would still be wary around breeds I don’t know/known for being used for the wrong things, but at least now I’m used to being round them so can enjoy them…the same as kids lol

  7. I was once given an automatic for a hire car – panic set in, but I did get used to it. Like you the main issue was having to manoeuvre out of a car park when you are driving one for the first time. Glad the TB test came back ok so you aren’t restricted on your cattle movements.

  8. Glad you managed to get the car sorted out, super impressed you have started your Christmas shopping. I really need to start ours, especially for sending gifts overseas. The rag wreath sounds like a lovely gift can’t wait to see if when its finished.

    1. We quite often buy each other craft sets. Nice to spend the time doing some, although I’m not sure the OH will be keen on the finished article.

  9. Glad it was just something simple like a loose wire in the car and not anything major. We had a Toyota hybrid for a while as a courtesy car and that was pretty economical.

    Great news about the cow and calf.

  10. I keep seeing people mentioning Christmas shopping. Maybe that’s something I should start getting organised in the half term, as I’ll probably have to send things by post anyway. Glad you managed to get your car sorted out.

  11. I think where I live should be in tier 2 going by the daily statistics. We’re just in tier 1 at the moment.
    You are very organised with starting your Christmas shopping. I need to start!
    That’s great news about the cow. x

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