Listography: Mugs

This week’s listography was a popular one with all of Kate’s following.  And it’s a massive list of blogs taking part so be sure to check them out here (it’ll take a while!).

I don’t do hot drinks usually.  Ok, I don’t do tea or coffee, so my mugs are either just for show, used for the occasional hot chocolate (more of that later), or in the ‘general’ drinking vessel cupboard for anyone to use.  But whoa betide anyone who uses them for tea or coffee and doesn’t rinse with water in order to avoid tide marks.

Here’s my 5:

1. Name mug.  This is the mug I always tend to use.  I think it was a gift during school, and was very helpful in our boarding house (despite there being another Emma, who thought she could just it just because it had her name on it!?)

2. Shopaholic mug.  This one was a Christmas gift a few years ago.  It’s a really nice shape and a light bone china feel.  I’ve never used it, I just like the mug and it sits in the cupboard.  Until I saw this photo though, I never noticed the dogs on it.  How strange.

3. Ceroc mug.  This was a freebie from a dance weekender. I’d been on lots and heard that they use to hand out freebie mugs, but it was about my 7th weekender before we had a knock on our chalet door and it was someone handing out mugs.  Whoop.  So all other weekends we used to take our ceroc mugs with us, and would have hot chocolate topped with squirty cream to help keep us warm in the chilly Pontins chalets.

4. Youth Prom mug.  This would have been from either 1991/92, and was a souvenir mug from when my orchestra & school choir played & sang in the concerts over a weekend each year.  It was a great time, with lots of good experiences and lots of fun.

5. Weird people cartoon mug.  This was a gift from my best friend at school years ago.  It just makes me smile because I wonder which of the strange cartoon people she reckoned I was like to have bought it for me!

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