This week has been busy with forecasting at work, and ending in a busy weekend.

On Sunday it was pretty wet. No tennis in the morning because it was raining, although of course it cleared up later. I finished one Wasgij puzzle and started another.

Monday was a pretty normal day. Just work and school, nothing eventful.

Tuesday, N had his tennis lesson at lunchtime, then swimming. The girls in his class were at the same school as swimming lessons for a girls only football tournament. So they got to watch a bit before their lesson. The team evidently came 2nd, so they did really well as they only have about 8 girls in the class, so don’t get to choose a team. It’s all in! I did a first time pick up from the pool because N usually goes to a friends house but the younger brother was ill. I got back to work once I was home afterwards.

Wednesday and Thursday we didn’t get up to much. No exciting stories from school or work.

On Friday we had planned a brief visit to Banbury fair after school pick up and before tennis. We had N’s school and tennis friend with us, so the timings would have worked brilliantly. Unfortunately the weather didn’t work with us, and it was tipping it down when we were due to go. I didn’t think a rainy fair visit would be good given they’d be going straight to tennis after. So instead, they did their homework and played for a bit. Tennis was a bit chilly as they were outside, then we stopped off for fish and chips to take home for tea.

After tea I made my jammy oat slices to take for refreshments at a school PTA nearly new sale the next day.

Saturday I’d said we’d help set up the nearly new sale before swimming. I do love helping out with these, although I wasn’t convinced we’d get everything set up in 1 hour. But we just about did it, and hopefully raised a fair amount.

N’s swimming lesson was focusing on breaststroke. N’s teacher is pleased with how he’s doing having moved up a level.

The rest of the day, I finished another puzzle, sorted out washing and folding, and had about 45 minutes to sit down before sorting out tea.

This week’s photo was taken on my commute to work, having just dropped N off at school. Road closed by sheep crossing.

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  1. I am hoping the rain will disappear soon. Cold crisp Autumn mornings I can live with but rain I can not. Glad to hear he is doing so well at swimming

  2. I encountered a few sheep crossing in the Forest of Dean this last trip, they’re funny to watch as they bimble around. Glad the PTA event went well

  3. The weather has been quite miserable all week, with the incessant rain.
    That’s quite an unusual sight – the sheep crossing the road.

  4. we had sheep running around the hospital grounds last week when I handed in my fit note.
    hope the school raised a good amount

  5. I am sick of this weather. I am so over the rain!
    Well done to N with the swimming. It sounds like he’s doing well.
    Fab photo! A real countryside pic x

    • It’s not a view I tend to see that often now. It’s raw people move animals at commuting time.

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