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Wasgij Christmas puzzle 15: Santa’s Unexpected Delivery solution

I do love a jigsaw puzzle, especially a Christmas puzzle, but I only ever do them when the evenings start drawing in. Weekends at home and evenings just after tea. An hour here or there can be productive, even with having to move the Portapuzzle all the time. At a recent Blog On conference I won one of the Wasgij Christmas puzzles, so thought I’d share how I got on with it.

If you’re not familiar with Wasgij puzzles, there are 4 different types. (Plus the mini versions with 154 pieces).

  • Wasgij Original – the image on the box is flipped with the solution a view from someone else in the scene.
  • Wasgij Destiny – what the puzzle may look like in the future.
  • Wasgij Mystery – work out what happens next
  • Wasgij Christmas – original style but with a Christmas theme

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Mini puzzles

I love these for getting back into the Wasgij jigsaw puzzles again after some time off. They need a bit of thinking and a super speedy mini puzzle is just the thing for getting used to puzzling again without needing to refer to a picture.

The mini puzzles I’ve seen have all been the Original range.

Wasgij Christmas 15: Santa’s unexpected delivery

This puzzle was probably the easiest Wasgij puzzle I’ve done. Rather than being Santa and Mrs Claus preparing for deliveries themselves as it is on the box image, you’re making the puzzle to show what they’re seeing. As with all Wasgij puzzles, it’s well made. I find the pieces fit together well, but once completed, it’s still easy to grab as a full piece to put back in the box, breaking it up without damaging the pieces.

As usual I split the jigsaw pieces into colour piles, did the edges, found all the words and worked from there. Apart from the sky, there wasn’t really any large areas of one colour, which makes puzzles easier. Usually a Wasgij puzzle will take me about 2 weeks – of an hour in the evenings, then a few hours at weekends. But this time I was completed in a week.

wasgij christmas 15 santas unexpected delivery - bubbablueandme

So if you’re looking for an easier puzzle to do, Santa’s Unexpected Delivery might be the one for you.

Check out my step by step guide on How to solve a Wasgij puzzle.

If you want to see the spoiler of the solution – you can find it in detail on my Youtube, or below.

wasgij christmas 15 santas unexpected delivery

You can buy this Christmas Wasgij from Amazon, or try on Jigsaw Puzzles Direct.

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Are you a Christmas puzzle fan? How do you complete them?

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