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School days – nativity props and carol service

It’s been another quiet week for School Days.  N’s school rotate round sports coaches coming in, forest school, and music or dance activities, and this week was a changeover week.

Carol Service

This week was the Christmas carol service. For the first time I had to miss most of it because my car had gone to have a check and it wasn’t back in time. I usually manage school events by either using my flexi time if they’re early in the day, or by working at home on a Friday, then I can work through lunch or start earlier, and just nip to the event 5 mins before normal finish time.

This time I didn’t arrive until just after 3, so missed all of the class performances unfortunately.  N had been very concerned because he didn’t know what their class were doing until a couple of days before. They did a poem, with pairs of children doing a couple of lines each.  N and another child were starting it off, and then had their lines at the end.  He coped with learning the lines, so hopefully the actual performance went well.

I did hear the end part and get to sing along to a couple of christmas songs. There’s nothing like starting off the festive season with a christmas carol concert.


Yet again, N was jammy and with a quick check of them before school, he managed to get 10 out of 10.  They were all silent letter words, like gnaw, write, and knight etc.  This week they’ve stepped up a gear though.  There aren’t any rules for this weeks apart from them being connecting words like because, despite, also.  I’m amazed by how difficult the words are he’s learning.  I don’t really recall doing spelling tests until juniors.

concentrationat play

Nativity props

It’s only a couple of weeks until N’s nativity play.  It’s easy for costumes for him – just pjyamas and onesies.  But N seems to have offered up a couple of hay bales.  And it sounds like the OH is willing to take some into school!

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