Project 52 2019 week 23 – wild cloves

Onto week 23 of Project 52 and it’s been a week with a first for N, and of course more tennis despite the pretty terrible rainy weather.

Sunday was a quiet one. It was dry and sunny, so I got out in the garden to take some photos of the chives and few other flowers that are out with my lensball. I’m quite pleased that my half hearted ‘shove a few spring onion seeds’ in the wall seem to be growing nicely. I’m not sure there’s enough space for them to bulk out, but at least it raining means I’ve not ha to worry about watering them.

Monday was back to work and school, just a normal day. As was Tuesday. N’s school swimming wasn’t on for some reason but he still went home with his friend and then we tried to discuss what tickets we would try and get for kids week this year.

Wednesday wasn’t up to much, and Thursday’s highlight was new book folders arriving. I don’t know what other schools do, but ours switch to big book folders rather than book bags. They’re not very sustainable being plastic, and break so easily. I ordered more on Amazon but we’ve already been through a pack of 10 (thanks to N putting jumpers and drinks bottles, plus massive reading books in them). This time I order 2, more substantial looking ones, and another pack of 5 of another brand. So hopefully those will last him longer, and well into next school year.

Friday was a bit of a wash out. N’s tennis was cancelled due to the threat of thunderstorms, but in the end it was a beautiful drive evening until a lot later. I’d promised we’d get fish and chips for tea. It was National Fish and Chips Day, but I had battered halloumi and N decided he wanted to try the scampi. I was too tight to let him have a full sized portion so they did him a smaller one. But at only 5 pieces of scampi he felt hard done by.

Saturday was really busy. Into town for bakery and a couple of bits, then N’s swimming lesson which went really well (he’s flying on his breast stroke compared with when he wasn’t getting his feet right before). We then had to rush off to a local prep school to pick up the tennis nets for our match. It was a tense morning debating whether or not it was going to be too wet to play the match. We nipped down to the courts before lunch to check for standing water as the rain had been going all night and morning, but luckily the courts were fine. By 1, I’d made the call that it was ok for the away team to travel to us and luckily it was the right call and the rain held off (the wind was a bit of a nightmare on 2 of the courts). Our team won 10-6 – we were pleased to win what we knew would be a closest match, and puts us above that team in our league at number 3.

N then went off to a friend’s for a birthday sleepover. 4 of them from school were there, and it was enjoyed by all. I went to watch Ballet Central show at a local theatre which was a great performance. The first time in a long while since I’ve watched some ballet.

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  1. sorry for the late comments, I’m on catch up after travelling for 3 weeks.

    Why do schools have to complicate things so much and at such expense to parents also, whats wrong with just one bag?

  2. Such a clever photo with the lens ball. Sounds like a good result with the Tennis sorry that the first one got cancelled. I have never been to a ballet, hope to go soon though x

  3. I really don’t understand why water bottles and the like are put into book bags. I’m not surprised they get broken or/and the books wet! #365

  4. busy busy week all round, shame the prospect of bad weather delayed one event but nice you got Saturday tennis in dry.
    A fish supper is an expensive carry on now, even a bag of chips at around £2 is ridiculous for approx 2 potatoes chopped and cooked.
    Love the way these spheres make the pic upside down.

    1. £2.80 for ‘small’ bag of chips at our chippy, £3.20 for big portion. N and I couldn’t eat all the small one we shared, but the 3 of us usually have plenty in a large portion to share. I remember when it used to be under a tenner for the 3 of us, now it’s nearer £15 with fish prices much higher

  5. I am so rubbish at gardening. I love those flowers. The lens ball is so cool. xx

  6. How lovely to get out to the ballet! Very well done to N and his team for the tennis result. We do the same checking for standard water, but with football pitches, as my husband is the coach. The league can get really funny about games being called off, but sometimes it just isn’t safe to play.

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