Lit up artificial 7ft christmas tree with baubles in living room corner

Project 52 2021 week 50

I probably say it every year, but 2021 has gone so fast. So fast that even N thinks it’s gone quickly. That’s it for the end of the school term (2 down 4 to go for primary school) and work’s out for me for 2 weeks. Omicron is everywhere, although thankfully noone came down with it in N’s class for the last week, so hopefully we’ve escaped the dreaded isolation for Christmas. Let’s hope it peaks over the holidays, and things get a bit quieter again in January with things improving. Fingers crossed.

Here’s our week 50 of Project 52 for this year.

On Sunday we put up our Christmas tree. I bought a new one this year after several years of deliberating. It’s 7ft, just about fits in our corner, and I love it. Hopefully it will last the 20 years the last one just about eked out. I didn’t add as many baubles this year, but we have tonnes of lights which makes it look so pretty.

Monday was back to school, and non uniform all week as it was a relaxed festive week. N was grouching about his play again. At least he’ll be unlikely to have to do another performance unless he chooses to, through secondary school.

On Tuesday I had work, then my hygienist appointment in the evening. I really don’t like it, and had only been once before Covid arrived, but my hope is that after a few times it’ll be able to reduce the frequency of dentist visits. It was lovely to see my childhood village’s Christmas lights. They look lovely with all the lampposts spiralled with lights around.

Wednesday was delivery day for N’s Christmas (and birthday) present. I was first on the list at 7am! It was quite a slim box in the end, and unmarked, so it’s leaning against the cabinets in the utility room until Christmas day. Luckily I managed to get myself up, showered and dressed before then, and got in an hour of exercise and some crochet  before work too.

I put a couple more items on my Vinted. Although then a couple of days later put myself on holiday mode which means I don’t have to worry about posting anything over the holidays. Work I was hoping to wind down, but there’s been lots of calls pretty much nonstop some days. I like to help people, and we have lots of new people, but sometimes I just need to get more time to do my own work. I don’t know whether it’s because it’s so easy to drop someone a message now we’ve got immediate messaging, or it’s easier to pick up the phone, than walk around a building to find someone to ask like we would do when in the office.

It was also N’s Christmas play at school. They did it in the playground, but I couldn’t really take the time off work as it was splat bang in my core hours, plus someone then put a meeting over the top. N wasn’t bothered, but he said the play was ok in the end. N had his last Wednesday tennis private of the year.

On Thursday it was more work. N is still enjoying his football club although he seems to have been studded and knocked over in tackles every week. He’s got a bruise line all the way across his thigh this week. I won another advent competition – a limited edition beanie had from Five Fat Figs.

Friday was my last day working before the holidays. N was in school dressed up for Christmas lunch and meeting Santa. You wouldn’t believe the fuss in the morning over clothes. He insisted he was wearing smart shorts instead, then didn’t like that I told him sports socks weren’t smart. He went through the whole sock tub to find some that fitted and didn’t feel weird. Then the only shirt (quite thin) that fits him was long sleeved and too hot, but also felt strange so he insisted on wearing a t shirt under. Other kids go in in waistcoat, jackets etc He didn’t still look reasonably smart, but what a fuss.

On Saturday, it was an early morning into town. Now that most places have moved out of town (stupid idea by the council agreeing to that), it means that we have to park in town for those couple of places and the market, then drive out to 1-2 retail parks to visit other shops. N wasn’t impressed that I needed to go bra shopping. As I’ve lost weight I need new bras. I’d checked on Boob or Bust, and like many people have been astounded at the size it told me I was. I’d ordered 5 bras online but only the non wired one was fine, another might be ok but isn’t perfect.  So I tried M&S – I don’t really do full on lacy (or even a bit usually), and too many styles are full cup which come up so high under necklines. Bought 4 with some help from the lady instore, but 2 with moulded cups were awful, one was possibly ok but a bit too lacy and decorative for me, and the other fit but came up too high so wasn’t comfortable on my arms. Sigh, it’s a painful process compared to the older days when I just went in bought the size I needed, and they fit.

Otherwise it was a relatively lazy day. We debated the Christmas tractor run but it’s at an awkward time with tea, so decided against it. Given it’s really foggy, I’m not sure how much we’d see or how busy it would get anyway.

Lit up artificial 7ft christmas tree with baubles in living room corner

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  1. What a gorgeous tree! You did so well with the last one lasting 20 years! I know I will have to have a look for a new one this next time around! A week of non school uniform sounds ace, though I know Liv would spend more time deliberating over what to wear than doing anything else! Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Sim x

  2. Well done with your advent win! I didn’t do the advents, but did try to keep ticking along with my other competitions. How lovely to have a new tree, it looks really beautiful! Poor N with his bruises from football, glad he still enjoys it bless him. It’s good he is so active.

  3. What a beautiful tree and I love the decorations. Hope you manage to get through Christmas and to the things you have planned before New Year. You are right this year has completely flown by. I am not keen on bra shopping, a necessary evil. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  4. What a shame that you had to miss N’s Christmas play. Glad it went well though. Bra shopping isn’t the most fun thing – glad you found some in the end. Love the Christmas tree, it looks very pretty. Hope you have a lovely Christmas. #project365

  5. I think this year has really flown over, more than most.
    It sounds like a good week. What a drama with N’s clothes for the Christmas lunch. I suppose he is getting to that age though where they do get fussy about what they wear.
    Your tree really looks so pretty. x

    1. He just lives in sportswear, so having to wear anything other than joggers or sports shorts is painful. He’s not worn jeans in about a year – there’s 4-5 pairs hanging in his wardrobe waiting for him to wear them. I despair.

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