red sky over the hills with fence in the foreground

Project 52 2022 week 4

Week 4 of the year has been another dry week. It might be January, but it’s been a while since we had rain. It’s been a meeting heavy week at work, getting ever closer to our annual event. I’m not the main person working on it day to day, but it’ll be good to get it complete for another year.

Things seem to be opening up daily. I lose track of where masks no longer need to be worn and on which day. It seems to be all over the place, although we’ll still carry on wearing ours indoors, in shops, and when it’s really busy. Supposedly overall cases have been going down for a while, but the Zoe app has only shown a decline in most areas in the last day or so. Hopefully that will continue (although I don’t think they’re counting reinfections yet).

Here’s our week 4 of Project 52.

On Sunday It was N’s 11th birthday party.  We headed to a trampolining park with 8 of his friends. They had a great time, I got to chat to some of the mums which was nice. I’d ordered 1 extra pizza in case they were really hungry and it was lucky I did, because 1 didn’t eat, and we were minus one person who didn’t come. 8 of them still demolished 5 pizzas. If I’d not ordered the extra one, the 4 that were included wouldn’t have been enough.

Monday wasn’t the best day. I heard some unfortunate news from someone at work, managed to burn my homemade granola. N came home from school having shut his little finger in the classroom door. How I don’t know. But it meant he couldn’t do his tennis lesson as the racket was painful to pick up, and the movement kept hitting his blood blister. I despair! That’s 2 in 3 lessons with this coach so far this term that we’ve had to cancel.

On Tuesday N was very pleased that they had hockey. I scoffed a lot of my leftover roast chicken curry while they had something carby for tea. I don’t miss carbs at all – although I did have 3 slices of N’s party cake – thankfully it didn’t seem to do much damage with regards putting on any extra weight or feeling sugary and bloated. Sometimes you just need to eat stuff you shouldn’t as long as you get back to being healthier after.. 

Wednesday was lots of meetings again. N had his other private lesson after school and now the evenings are gradually getting lighter I managed to get in 6 laps of the larger field before it got dark. This is the second week I’ve got in over 20k steps a day. It’s amazing what a competitive challenge with fitbit friends does!  

On Thursday I was woken by a lot of barking. It didn’t sound like our dogs, but once up I noticed later that the lodgers were back (having been staying elsewhere for quite a long time – we have suspicions they’ve bought somewhere and will be moving out at some point).along with 2 spaniels. It was just another day otherwise.

Friday was my nice short work day. I’d spent most of the week thinking it felt like we should have been a day ahead. N came home from school wanting to draw Tudor houses because he thought he was good at drawing them in school.  We nipped to get fish and chips for dinner (and halloumi for me). The girl in the shop is lovely and she always recognises me. She even now remembers my voice and order when I call up. Then N had his group tennis lesson. The coach is getting a bit exasperated with some of them getting over excited and being too talkative and noisy. I feel his pain – there’s no way I could teach children.

I was also planning the logistics for our first night out for a farming friends’ birthday – the last night out we had with that crowd was for the same birthday 2 years ago. Will be so nice to see everyone.

On Saturday we did the usual trip into town first thing. We had quite a list – new bike inner tubes, bakery and butchers, put N’s money into his saving account, spend his Christmas gift card, diesel. I just wish everything in town was in just one area. Now we end up having to go into town and 3 other retail parks just to get everything done. My brother came over to have some lunch, and do some target shooting with N. He hit the target everytime, including the bullseye and the number 8 spot on when asked. Having said that, even I wouldn’t miss when it’s got the scope lining it up and propped up in place

I didn’t seem to get much time doing my puzzle. As a bonus I have control of the tv all night because the OH went to a postponed from 2020 50th party.

This week’s Project 52 photo was of the sunset looking out over our hill behind our house.

red sky over the hills with fence in the foreground

This week:

  • Books read: 2
  • Steps: 144k

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  1. Wow, your Monday really didn’t go to plan. Shutting a finger in a door really does hurt. N’s party sounds like fun. I think that’s what Little E want’s for hers. I need to start thinking about it I guess. Well done on your walking. I’m making more of an effort to walk on the school runs again #365

  2. N’s 11th birthday party sounded fun, wise decision getting extra pizza! Always go for more, kids appetites can always be considerable especially after a workout! I am impressed with your 20k steps a day, I am lucky to get my 10k in.

  3. Happy Birthday N, glad that had enjoyed his party. Eliza has started playing hockey and has been asked to join the local club already, she has a trial next week

  4. Sounds like N’s party was good, sorry to hear he hurt his hand, hope he’s fully recovered. I’m just wearing my mask wherever I go, regardless of the rules and I’m still sitting outside for coffees where I can

  5. Sounds like a fab birthday and lucky re the pizza I would have thought 4 would have done the job too. Sounds like Monday was a mare! Some days you just wonder if your card is marked, don’t you? Hope Ns finger is better and that you enjoyed your night in control of the TV. The sunset picture is really pretty.

  6. Glad N had a great time at his birthday party and good job you ordered the extra pizza! Managing to average over 20k steps a day is very impressive – it does help having a challenge but I rarely manage that amount even when doing challenges with friends. That sunset is so pretty. #project365

  7. I just bought 2 packs of (medical grade) masks, one for home and one for the flat. I don’t see any point in not wearing one on public transport, especially on the tube, where I can stay up to 30 minutes or on the commute back home by train. With medical grade masks I’m less concerned about what other people are doing. I think I will wear my mask for years to come. It’s not only covid, but other viruses and masks are very convenient.

    I hope N’s finger will get better soon. It’s so annoying when an accident like this happens and it takes a week or two to get over it.

  8. I was just saying to my dad the other day that it seems like it hasn’t rained in ages.
    I am still wearing my mask when I am out and about. Covid seems to be out of control again where I live.
    It sounds like N had a great birthday party. That is such a shame that N shut his fingers in a door. I hope he is feeling better now.
    What a beautiful sunset. The colours are so pretty x

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