the besst hand cream to repair and soften

Review of O’Keeffes working hands cream

Over the years we’ve tried lots of hand creams. Some we find just sit on the skin and don’t soak in. Others make hands greasy, or smell flowery for ages. Others are just too watery. But we’ve found our favourite go to – O’Keeffes Working Hands cream. I discovered this when looking for extra Christmas presents a couple of years ago, and now O’Keeffes products are everywhere. If you’ve not tried them, but need something to do the job and make hands softer and repaired, then try it.

the besst hand cream to repair and soften

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I’m quite slack and only use it when I feel my hands getting a little dry. Mine aren’t too bad – the joys of having a dishwasher and an office job. The OH’s hands are alway rough thanks to being a farmer. His hands are always getting wet and cold, then dry again, and in the past have ended up cracked.

N should have soft children’s hands being young. But thanks to all the strong antibacterial lotion in school, and when going into shops, plus all the hand washing, during first lockdown his hands really suffered. He had a lot of redness, and they even got a bit raw over the knuckles. It would go through phases – once school reverted more to handwashing only, it helped, but he notices how much sore they get when using antibac a lot.

I bought O’Keeffes* Working Hands for the OH for an additional Christmas gift that year after spotting it on a farming gifts website.

In the past he’s used E45, Nivea handcream, Neutrogena and various others. My favourite had always been L’Occitane hand cream which is still amazing. But it’s quite pricy – I then struggled to get hold of the basic version, and I’m not so keen on all the different smelling flavours.

o'keeffes hand cream

What we like about O’Keeffes

The basic neutral packaging. Suitable for everyone in the family. Yes it’s functional, but it’s not like handcream packaging needs to be on show.

No scent – it’s neutral, there’s no scent, so it’s great for men and anyone who doesn’t want to be overpowered by strong smelling scents.

Ronseal performance. Hardcore handcream that works on hands that do physical work. It helped N’s hands within 2 days, and the OH uses it regularly. I put a little on my right elbow because oddly that one gets a bit rough.

Non-greasy. It absorbs into hands fast. Even the amount N puts on, absorbs well. I find my hands aren’t greasy at all afterwards. I can use my smartphone straight away without smearing marks all over the screen.

o'keeffes working hands and healthy feet creams

It lasts for ages. N’s tub is still going a year later. He doesn’t use it every day, but when he does, he puts quite a lot on. The OH’s still using his first tub too.

It’s a great thickness. Not thin and runny, but not so thick it’s hard to rub in.

O’Keeffes is great value. Handcreams I’ve bought in the past have been so expensive for a small tube. I’ve so far bought online from Amazon, but I’ve since seen it in Sainsbury’s, Superdrugs, Boots and Wilkos, so it’s available all over the high street.

If you’re not after handcream, they now have more in the O’Keeffe’s range. I tried the Healthy Feet Cream but I’m not a fan of that.. I prefer Flexitol (although I reckon the O’Keeffe’s hand cream would be worth a try on feet because it’s a bit thicker).

I do like the lip repair too. Non-greasy, in a stick or tiny tub (great for stocking fillers), plus it smells amazing.

So, if you need repairing lotions, my recommendation would be to give O’Keeffe’s working hands cream a try.

Have you ever tried the O’Keeffe’s range? Which other hand creams do you live by?

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  1. My dad isn’t into anything like hand cream but a few years ago featured some on my blog and gave them to him for Christmas and he now loves the stuff. It really makes a difference to his hands!

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