halloumi and toasted wrap salad

Project 52 2023 week 34

I’ve cut this week’s Project 52 a day short because I’ll do our break away all in one go. So here’s week 34 of what we got up to as the end of the summer holidays rapidly approaches.

Sunday was my last day before going back to work, so I was keen to make sure I was relaxed and to get an early night. Unfortunately England lost the Women’s World Cup final. Some dubious (again) ref decisions, but Mary Earps brilliantly saved a Spain penalty, although it was all a bit too late. 1-0 loss, but a great result having reached the final. I seemed to do lots of washing, and the dishwasher was on and unloaded, then made scones for pudding. 

On Monday it was back to work to quite a few emails. In the evening we’d offered to help put the football goals up ahead of a friendly match on Wednesday. There were fewer who turned up to help, but luckily the club chair was painting the lines out, so we had a second man to help with reach and going up step ladders. I thought I’d ache the next day – turns out goal posts and cross bars are a lot heavier to carry across playing fields than I thought.

Tuesday was fairly busy. Work for me. Plus I had my INR test – thankfully it was splat bang in the middle of my range. So that means next time I go will have been a year of being in range (after all over the place results the year before). I also had my smear test, so hopefully that’s it for another 3 years. We started sorting out stuff for our break away. 

On Wednesday I decided not to go into the office. The timings just would have been a nightmare with having to get washing done during the day, I needed to nip out at lunch time, and with an early football match, it would be hard to time dinner. In the end N got tea start as he wanted a bit of food before going, then he had more after the match.

It was their pre-season friendly. A friend’s son usually plays for the opponents, but didn’t this time so it was a shame I didn’t get to see the mum. Our team played pretty well, but they got some great goals. It ended up a 8-2 win with 2 scoring hat-tricks. N played half the match at left back. It’s not a natural position for him, but he had quite a good game. It was lovely to get to chat to lots of the parents. It feels like it’s a good friendly crowd with the new parents of kids who’ve joined this year.

Thursday was a quiet day in the office. My car went in for service and MOT. When tidying out the boot I found a service book, and couldn’t find the one I thought was in the glove box. Didn’t check inside in any detail, so left it on the passenger seat. But when I checked in after picking up the car, I realised it was the original one I couldn’t find when I bought the car. I’d kicked off and made Volvo order me a new one and update what was previously in there for checks. I then found my usual glove box one. So I should have been on service 8, and they’ve stamped service 1! So I’ve no idea if it was meant to be a major or minor service. I’ll need to check that and hopefully it’s fine and I can just get them to transfer to stamp/service to the complete book. Why on earth do mechanics leave car documents in with the spare tyre.

On Friday it was an orthodontist appointment. Considering he’s only wearing his twinblocks at night, his teeth have moved so it shows it’s working and the perfect timing to have them. So it’s back to them in the attempt to wear them move and get a few more mm movement at least, to avoid needing 2 teeth out. Of course he then didn’t wear them the rest of the day.

I was planning day trips and booking tickets for our holiday, but had to change plans as ferry places were full for times we wanted, and days, so we’re looking at a different island, only to find the castle AND the mansion there are either shut on the day due to events or inaccessible at the moment due to safety issues. It’s been painful planning but hopefully the rest all still works out ok.

I didn’t take many photos at all this week, but this halloumi salad with leftover wrap toasted, and balsamic dressing was so delicious and looked really good.

halloumi and toasted wrap salad

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  1. Your halloumi salad looks delicious, perfect salad weather again now too. Sounds like you have had a busy week of life admin with MOT and health appointments. Hope next week is more relaxing for you and your holiday plans worked out.

  2. The salad looks good! It can be so hard to get them to wear the things they are meant to! But glad that the twinblocks do seem to be working

  3. I hope you’ve had a lovely break away.
    That’s good news about your INR test and N’s teeth have moved.
    That salad looks so good. I have never eaten halloumi before, it’s one of those things that I keep meaning to try. x

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