playing tennis through the netting

Project 52 2019 week 37 – tennis nets

Week 37 has whizzed by. We’ve another empty (apart from swimming and maybe tennis junior club) weekend, and I’m feeling like we need to get out and about. It’s hard to fit in when sports are in the middle of the day. It’s a bit of a shame they don’t start the older children’s swimming first and work backwards through the levels, rather than doing the younger ones first.

On Sunday we didn’t do much. N was dragged to junior club session at tennis ‘I’ll go if you drag me there’. Works for me. He was the only child who does training, so parents helped the younger kids with one club person, while N got to hit with the other club adults who were there. They play with a green ball and on the full size court which he’ll not play til next year, but he doesn’t mind. He’s happy to hit with people who can actually play tennis – unlike my wild shots.

I spent a few hours clearing the floor in the larder and it’s looking immaculate in there. We’ll ignore the 3 crates of tins, household and toiletry products which are in various different rooms at the moment.

Work all week has been quite quiet. I’ve been able to get lots of tasks done and get set up for next week. School on Monday went ok, and N was back at multisports club after school.

Tuesday N had his first private tennis lesson after the holidays. He didn’t tell me much about it. He was more interested in talking about school swimming and how there was a new teacher for the middle group. All the year 4s going swimming this time are in the same top group which is nice they’re all together. When I went to pick him up from his friend’s house afterwards, they were off doing a treasure hunt they’d set up, so I got a nice long chat with my friend. I’m terrible once I get chatting.

Wednesday was just another day at work and school. Trying to get N to leave after school club takes a while though. He’s really too old to still be going, but there’s no other option and when there’s a few of his school friends going they love playing outside. Thursday was more of the same.

Friday was a short working day. I had a lovely chat at pick up time with one of the other mums in the class. One of her boys has just moved up out of N’s class to year 5, but the younger twins have just come up as year 3s into the class. So it’s nice to be able to have a chat still while we wait for the children to be let out of class.

It was tennis too. The class is meant to have 7 of them, but there were only 5 again. They all really enjoy the class and the coach (who used to teach me squash when I played from age 12-16) is pleased with how they’re playing. I think it’s noticeable how the Sunday club sessions are helping N’s skills. Just that extra hitting practice shows in the rallies he’s more consistent with.

On Saturday, N started back at swimming. He’s moved up to group 6 and is so tiny compared with the others who are 1-2 school years above him. He has to work a lot harder to keep up being shorter with smaller feet, but he kept up well. His front crawl is a lot neater and precise than 4 of the other 7; it really shows how much he was able to improve his stroke with the small class in stage 5. He didn’t seem too tired afterwards and hopefully he’s a bit more confident being in the level now, as he’d said he was worried beforehand.

By the time we get back from swimming it’s lunchtime, so there’s not much time to do much in the afternoon. N played out in the garden for a few hours – taking pieces of wood off the climbing frame to make ramps for his remote controlled car. Old school childhood fun.

This week’s Project 52 photo was taken at the tennis club. Next time I’ll try and get some decent shots from nearer. It’s hard because I don’t want to be ‘that’ mum who always has their camera out, but it would be nice to have some decent photos and videos rather than just through the netting.

playing tennis through the netting

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  1. What a great week of sports, sounds like he’s having a great time and doing really well. It will be nice to have another mum to talk to. I am also always paranoid about being that mum too! x

  2. Sounds like N is really coming on with his tennis and his swimming. What a star. It must be nice to see him improve and develop. x

  3. sounds like a good week of sports and it’s great that N enjoy it all so much, playing on a full size tennis court will be a bit of a challenge, but I’m sure he won’t take long to master it

    1. Looks like his first tournament on sunday will be cancelled though due to rain. All this dry weather, and sods law the one day you need it dry.

    1. Annoying for the clashes. Doubt he’ll be having Saturday lessons after this school year though. Not if he wants to play tennis matches as most are Saturdays. I did suggest looking at after school swimming but it starts at 5.30 and would be with a different teacher and I couldn’t get him there til 5.50

  4. Sounds like a busy week with the sports! Sounds like it is all going well! My youngest is saying she wants to do swimming too so seeing if I can find any classes that fit in with our routine.

    1. Its great if they enjoy it. Does she do school swimming yet? They progress so much faster doing it twice a week as they don’t get taught much in school swimming. There’s 14 in N’s group for school. Although the swim in turns and do it across an hour, so probably swim the same amount

  5. It sounds like a good week for N’s sport. I always thought they do younger kids’ swimming lessons first because they get up and out of the house at the crack of dawn, so it makes sense. Weekend sport is definitely disruptive though! My son’s football is after lunch on a Sunday which wipes out the whole weekend.

    1. N’s tennis used to be sunday afternoons and I don’t mind that as it’s quite a nice day out. But saturdays are chore days. It does mean we have lots of time before swimming for food shopping and sorting out any other bits we need rather than having to rush

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