pretty cottage gate and garden

Project 365 2017 week 31 – bunting and flowers

This week I took more photos than I thought. There’s been quite a bit of patio tennis in the evenings (I’ve finally bought new grip for my racquet – one of my favourite most relaxing things, putting on new grip! so no more pink hands), and quite a lot of rain showers. But we’re through week 2 of the school holidays and I’m already realising I need to get off my backside and organise our final week off and somewhere to go away.

Here’s week 31 of Project 365.

On Sunday I was visiting the tip to get rid of the recycling bits and bobs and rubbish that we wouldn’t have room for in the bins, after the OH’s mad declutter. I moan about it – and I’m missing my white board calendar and it seems 2 of my dance dvds – but the downstairs is looking clean and bland un-lived in. I’m thinking maybe flowers are needed to make the house look a bit brighter.  On the way back from the tip I decided to stop and quickly try and get some photos of the gorgeous hydrangeas in the village. Unfortunately I couldn’t get close enough to the beautiful deep purple ones.

pretty cottage gate and garden

On Monday I arrived home from work to see we had a new bin. Not just any bin, but a recycling bin!  The OH had obviously got sick of seeing my Ikea bag I use – although it’s handy to be able to carry everything down the drive to put it in the wheely bin. Now I have to put a bin bag in the bin and then will need to walk that down to empty it.  Let’s hope maybe the OH will actually recycle something now.

new recycling bin arrival

On Tuesday, I just had to photograph the roses. They were looking a bit bedraggled in real life, but the photo came out really well, with them almost highlighted.

rose petals and buds in the garden

On Wednesday it was the monthly ceroc freestyle I go to in Oxford.  It’s a great hall to dance in, and there were lots of new people there although a few of the regulars were missing. It was lovely to see 3 of my old friends come along for the first time in years.

dancing ceroc at Oxford town hall

On Thursday N walked ahead of me back from the farm. I couldn’t believe how tall he was looking.  Time to get the tape measure out again.

strolling up the drive

On Friday, I finished early from work as always. It always feels a bit strange in school holidays, given I have the early finish to pick up N from school. But it was nice to have a few hours free. I couldn’t be bothered to cook and didn’t have much food in so took N with me to pick up fish and chips. N had spent the day at the sheep market – he’d come back with yet another new freebie cap, plus various other goodies. Here he was telling me all about it.

surprised look

On Saturday it seemed N had mostly had enough of farming all week and decided he wanted to go to ‘that place we went to with things to climb on and go through’. It took quite a lot of questioning to work out that he actually meant soft play. After all, we do go to a lot of place in a year that have things to climb on. For summer holidays it was quite empty even an hour after opening, so he had a good morning there, while I read my book. Then we nipped to the butchers in the old town of Banbury which was looking lovely with its bunting all down the street.

rainbow bunting in town
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  1. I do love the purple hydrangeas – I’d have been itching for a close up too. The declutter sounds a bit stressful especially if stuff you want has gone.

  2. Those purple hydrangea look lovely even from a distance! Glad soft play was quiet for you…I always avoid going in the holidays as always think it would be packed

  3. Glad soft play went well, and nice to go when it was his choice.
    Like the bunting picture.
    I remember living on the farm and either having to get the bins to the end of the road or if we left the bins there then the rubbish to the end of the road, the amount of times it stayed in the boot of the car for a few days and we would remember about it when the car stunk!!!
    His face is full of concentration while he is realting his day to you, lovely picture.

  4. The bunting is lovely! Love that N couldn’t think of the name for soft play, that means he doesn’t spend too much time there! (I think they’re evil places and went as little as I possibly could with my kids!) He definitely is growing!

    1. Lol, they do their job. Thankfully this time all the nice kids were out. I didn’t spot or hear of any little monsters like you usually meet at soft play!

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