London Eye over St James Park

Project 365 2015 week 35

The year’s moving on frantically and we’re in week 35 of Project 365, a photo every day.  This week’s been busy, being only a part week in work thanks to holiday time.

On Sunday, we went to meet up with a couple of my old school friends.  One brought along her kids and husband too, and we had a lovely walk round and explore at Butterfly World Project near St Albans.  This was one of the butterflies in the tropical house.  Beautiful colours, but a dull brown when its wings were closed.  This one did look a bit ratty on the wings though!

Butterfly Project World

Monday I spent some time outside with my new macro lens.  It’s taking some time to get used to (especially when you’ve got a phone that takes great shots anyway), but I’m loving some of the photos I’m getting

closed calendula bud

Tuesday I tried to get N to draw a thank you card for nursery for his last day. Let’s just say, he’s not good at or keen to do as requested if it doesn’t fit with his own expectations of timings.  He did one card – just about with his name in, and a picture of a dress.  No, I don’t know why either.

leaving nursery thank you notes

Wednesday was N’s last day at nursery.  He wasn’t impressed that I wanted a photo of him, but he played ball…just about.  He does make me laugh though.  Any day he has to wear trousers, he’s started moaning ‘they’re too long for me’.  Of course they’re not. Most of his trousers are now more short than the right length.  I think it’s because he’s had shorts on most of the time, but doesn’t bode well for his school trousers which I’ve not taken up.

final day at nursery school

Thursday we went to London for the day to see The Gruffalo show.  Beforehand we went up to see Buckingham Palace, and walk through St James’ Park.  This was the view across the lake of the London Eye.

London Eye over St James Park

On Friday we went out for the day.  On coming home N decided that he needed to clean and ‘fix’ his tractor.  With his top off, obviously.

fixing his John Deere tractor

On Saturday, a local tennis club held a kids open afternoon.  I can’t say it was a particular success…not helped by N spotting the playground as we drove in.  Of course I couldn’t make him stay and try and play tennis, so the park it was.

playing at the park
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  1. The first two photos are amazing! Love that butterfly. I really must start using the big camera, I just can’t be bothered to carry it around when my phone takes good photos 🙂 Love the view across London too x

  2. What a lovely set of photos – it looks like you’ve had an amazing week! I have always wanted to do a series like this, but I’m so bad at actually doing it and keeping up with it! Maybe I’ll try again in the future. xxx

    1. Thank you Sarah.

      It’s great – you can do a weekly one rather than daily too. Many people do (aim for daily, then if you miss one it’s still fine.

      Thanks for commenting

  3. Great post! The butterfly place looks fun, there’s one near me (Leeds) and I really enjoy going. I laughed at your boy fixing his tractor with his top off, such a BOY! Bless him x

    1. Yes, the stripping does seem to be a boy thing. Although neither his dad or uncle would do so while fixing their tractors, so not sure where he’s got it from.

  4. That butterfly is gorgeous! And I don’t normally like butterflies at all! Love the 365 project, I’m definitely considering taking it up after this 🙂

  5. Love your photo of the butterfly and would love a macro lens to play with!
    My younger son is just the same with trousers. He’s a tall 11 year old and I’ve had to forcibly remove his age 11 trousers from his wardrobe as they’re so short. He’s got a pair of jeans in 12-13 which are a perfect length, but he thinks they’re too long!

    1. Thanks Sian. Appreciate that. The butterfly had such beautiful colours, a photo really doesn’t do it justice. Thanks for commenting

  6. Butterflies are just beautiful to look at but if one came flapping around me, I’d be off like a shot ha! Butterflies and moths unnerve me something rotten!

  7. What a great week – love your shot of the London Eye – and the butterfly. I like looking at them but don’t like ‘flappy things!’ Kaz x

    1. I’m not keen on the flapping past either. Moths are worse. Was funny watching the children trying to get the butterflies to land on them though.

  8. That blue butterfly looks like it’s had a few adventures in it’s time. The Gruffalo show sounds good, my daughter is a huge Gruffalo fan. Your son looks quite the mechanic fixing his tractor 🙂

  9. what a beautiful picture of the butterfly. you were in London same day as us we went to see Shreks adventure. Sounds like you had a busy week xx

  10. What lovely photos! That poor butterfly! I really want to take Lamb to see The Gruffalo show what did you think of it? Lamb always moans when I put shorts on him, he pull on them trying to make them into trousers! xx

  11. I love playing around with the macro setting on cameras – you have a lovely close up there 🙂 Tennis sounds like fun to try but mine would probably get distracted by the park too – he’s asked to try rugby soon, really hope he goes for it!

    1. Damn play parks….always getting in the wrong place at the wrong time!

      I’m hoping N will be into racquet sports, as that’s my thing (or hockey – there’s a good club in town that takes them from 5 ish, so might see if he fancies that instead). Something that they don’t do in school which is a bit more interesting.

  12. I love going up to London, but it is hard work with a child. And costs a fortune if you actually want to do more than one activity. I paid double the price of an off peak ticket, because the train would be arriving 1 minute too early!

  13. some lovely photos – that blue butterfly is just stunning, what a shade of blue it is! (despite its ragged ness ). I bet the Grufflalo show was good fun, we love that book here. I like the tractor fixing photo – i would say he is the perfect mechanic with his top off lol x

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