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Project 52 2022 week 42

This week has whizzed by, and with it the first half term of secondary school. It’s unbelievable how well everything’s settled into place, and although there’s lots of project homework for half term, hopefully there will be plenty of time for fun stuff. Here’s our week 42 of Project 52.

Sunday was fairly quiet. Nipped to buy some large art paper for N’s various independent learning projects. They seem to have a lot – good job he’s used to researching and doesn’t mind doing those. I finished a book, and did some crystal art while N did some homework. Not much because my brother popped in and they ended up playing football.

On Monday we had a double trip to the bus stop to drop N off. Arrived there first time to realise he’d forgotten his tie. Luckily we always get there early so had time to whizz home and back again.

Tuesday was just another work and school day. Late pick up as it was football club, and everyone I knew seemed to be out in the village at pick up time. 

On Wednesday it was another busy work day. It’s just non stop at the moment for all of us. N had an off curriculum day where they did first aid, learnt to use the fitness suite equipment, did water safety, e safety, and lots of other helpful sessions.  There were only 2 of us at rusty rackets, so we had lots of chance to get some tips. It was really blustery so it was challenging to play, but lots of volleying, ground strokes practice. My serves are finally getting better. Well, more consistent. I served an ace to the coach so I was pleased with tat.

Thursday was the day of the fair. N had arranged to meet friends there so there ended up being 4 of them going round, with us parents trailing a little bit behind. N had an absolute blast, going on several rides and being with his friends. I bumped into old dancing friends who I’ve not seen for years. We ate burgers in the street food place in town afterwards so it was quite a late night out.

On Friday it rained a lot. Tennis was cancelled. School finished for the half term. I can’t believe that’s the first term of Year 7 completed. There’s a lot of homework to do – 3 projects and english, which he’s already nearly completed. We have no plans for half term although I’m working for 2 days.

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Saturday was a result. As there was no football training it meant a totally free Saturday, so we dropped my brother off to pick up his car from its MOT. Then we got so much done in town, plus 1 Christmas and birthday present bought. My brother then came over to play football with N and practice goalie stuff. I did some crystal art* which I had out of my Blog On goody bag (Craft Buddy kits* are what was included), read some, and just had a relaxing day.

fairground ride

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    1. That’s a shame not having a fair. Ours is always the same week, but several options round by us before and after where it goes.

  1. I am so glad everything has fell into place with N starting secondary school. I hope he gets on OK with his homework.
    The trip to the fair sounds like fun. My girls are off to one in a couple of weeks. I am going along with a friend to keep an eye on them. x

    1. The homework is very slow going but he is doing it. I love the fair but I’m definitely not ready for him to be off going on his own.

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