playing with santa and elf ha

Project 365 28017 week 48

Only a few weeks of 2017 left for Project 365.  This is my 4th year of doing it, and while I love it, I feel like I’m getting a bit bored. It’s also a rush getting it done at weekends, when for the past 2 years I’ve been saying I’ll cut down on blog posts each week.  So I’ll have to see how I feel into next year.

Here’s week 48.

On Sunday, we went to Waddesdon Manor to check out the Christmas displays.  We had a lovely day, although we still didn’t make it to stay until the huge light display.  N did enjoy running round the gardens taking photos.  I’ve not had a look at his camera yet to see what the photos came out like.

taking close up photos

On Monday, it was a work day and I was parked in the car park round the corner from the office. I have a real irritation with car wash people. The ones who left this leaflet obviously had much longer arms than me. They put it right in the middle of the windscreen under the wipers (which I struggled to lean over and lift without getting muddy from my car (my car’s always dirty leaving in th emiddle of nowhere), and because it was damp it had stuck to the windscreen and I couldn’t get it off. I wish they wouldn’t flyer people’s cars, and as for the ones in our Sainsbury’s approaching people as they get out of cars. I hate it.

scrumpled up flyer

On Tuesday, it was hama beads time.  Since Christmas last year, N’s got through nearly 3000 beads plus some extras. We permanently seem to have a creation on the side waiting to be ironed.

hama beads tray

This week we’ve had proper wintry days, great sunrises and beautiful blue skies. This was Wednesday before work.

sunrise over countryside roads

On Thursday I had to nip back to the village to have my INR test done.  It was a beautiful day again, and the houses looked so pretty against it.

cottages in a village

On Friday, it was another tennis lesson. N goes through phases of enjoying it and this week was a good one. I thought he looked really sporty here complete with his wristband! He never stays still as soon as he walks through the sports hall door, hence the bad photo.

ready for tennis

On Saturday it was a weird day. N’s swimming class was combined with the one below his because there was a teacher shortage, so his group got to show how to do it to the level 2 children. The OH had a migraine all day so we were relegated to the back room and kitchen for most of the day.  We played games, did puzzles, N took the pup for a walk with my brother, and we just mooched all day.  N spent most of the day in his new santa and elf hats, and his new pair of boots we got him that morning.

playing with santa and elf ha
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  1. Oh gosh I feel you about whether to continue next year. I have drastically reduced how many photos I take and its hard getting one for each day.

    That sunrise is beautiful!

    1. I thought the swimming progress was slow going but it’s so much faster than the tennis considering he plays twice a week. He wants to give up the school one after Christmas because the reception kids are ‘rubbish and don’t listen’. So we’ll see if he takes up something else instead.

  2. I am with you, this is me at the end of my 6th year and it is pretty much all my blog consists of. DD3 talked me into keeping going next year but my posts and pictures and blog are boring me let alone the viewing public If the grandchildren visit I will still take pictures of them regardless of the blog.
    Will be interesting to see how his pictures came out.
    The brilliant sunshine is low in the sky at this time of year and rather irritating, even if pretty

  3. I’m also thinking about next year… I’ve already cut my posts down massively from last year, but now I’m struggling to take photos, I’m just focusing on other things… we’ll see. Love the hats, they’re great! Gorgeous sunrise xx

  4. I’m only on the first year of #365 but it is a struggle this time of year as I am so busy and the light is crap or rather great but only briefly each day. I also have kids who don’t stand still like your boy 🙂

    1. Lol, it’s unusual for N to stand still. He’s usually doing a runner. The light is bad. I need to get out my proper camera more instead of the phone

  5. Oh no! That’s a shame that you are thinking things over about Project 365. I work on my blog post throughout the week adding a couple of photos to the post every couple of days so by Friday evening it’s practically done.
    Those Hama beads are fab! My girls love them.
    N’s hat is fantastic! Love it x

    1. At the moment I’m struggling to connect my phone to my laptop too, so that makes it more painful too, plus I’ve got 3 different phones/cameras to take photos off. Doing it daily would end up eating into the rest of the time I need to spend on other blog posts/photos

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