red and blue macadam tennis court from front view

Project 52 2021 week 16 – tennis match

Another week and we’re into week 16. This week I moved blog host (finally – it’s only taken 8 years). It happened immediately and so far, and all went smoothly (so far). If you struggle with anything on it, do let me know. Not much happening on the Covid front – our wider area is in the top 5 of increasing cases thanks to non essential retail and hospitaility opening up, all in the 2 towns in the area. It’s from a low start point, so is still low compared to what it has been previously. Hopefully people will calm down after that first mad ‘need to get out and see everyone phase’, and cases won’t increase too much more.

Here’s our week 16 for Project 52.

On Sunday, last day of the Easter holidays, N had club tennis coaching in the morning. Unfortunately not enough people had paid up for the next run of sessions, so they’re stopping providing the coaching. It doesn’t help that the poor coach is the only coach doing all the weekly group sessions as well as teaching in schools. The club are going to see if they can find a coach from elsewhere to come on Sunday mornings, otherwise a couple of the dads were previously coaches, so might do something with them. I think N would just be happy having hitting sessions with adults, as they’re really more beneficial than a mixed age, mixed ability coaching session. So we wait and see.

On Monday it was back to school for N. The school shorts came out, and he was pleased that his revised mini bubble now has his good friend who he also plays tennis with. He wasn’t happy with the seating placement move though. They’re now right at the back of the class, and he’s struggling to see the board due to taller people in front. He’s having to stand up at points to see. He’s worried he won’t get enough work done due to it, and because they’re last in to class after handwashing, but are always held up by the slower bubble in front. After tea we took the dog out for a quick walk in the paddock. She’s in season which means we’re limited in where we can walk her as the cows are out in most of the fields, and the public footpath isn’t an option.

Tuesday not much went on. We’ve got cows and new calves back out in the field behind again.

On Wednesday it was school and work again. N came home really tired after they’d had dance most of the afternoon. Bizarrely, in the classroom behind their desks because it was virtual. He then went off to his private tennis lesson and wasn’t himself. He was just so tired when usually nothing phases him once he gets to his lessons.

Thursday not much happened, just the usual day to day again. I did have a delivery of clothes, all of which fitted. Yay.. I need to go through my wardrobe again because while my smaller clothes will start to fit me, I don’t necessarily like them anymore. So I’ll get round to a proper clear out again, and will treat myself to nicer clothes.

Friday was more of the same. I tried a new dish because we had sausages and I was bored of sausages and cauliflower mash. The OH will only eat sausages with mash. No toad in the hole, no casserole. Boring. So they had them with mash, and I had mine with peppers and onions roasted, then topped with passata and a baked egg. It was delicious, although they both said it was sacrilege to make something other than just sausage and mash with Granny’s homemade sausages. I’ve been trying to get my steps up, and finding it much easier during the week when I’m home alone. Ok, so I’m not getting outside any more, but I’m feeling better for being active every hour, and moving about more.

The weather’s been lovely this week so I’ve been in flipflops during the day. I thought I needed to order some more, but dug out 4 pairs (and one odd one) from the under stairs cupboard, that I’ve obviously stocked up on last year and forgot about. Result.

Another tennis group session. Let’s just say that after I fed back displeasure when we were first told the group of 6, and that 2 of the team hadn’t been moved up., now it’s caused even more fall out. It turns out one was moved up, but the other’s been left behind, with someone totally different moving up who’s not in the team and not as strong a player. I’m fuming for him – it’s a ridiculous situation and he could end up giving up because of it as he was so upset in his lesson with all the much less experienced players. Hopefully they’ll find a way to sort it out.

Saturday was another beautiful warm day. We nipped into town early for bread, cash, diesel, and to get the car washed. It was filthy and hadn’t been washed for over a year. Then it was off to the first tennis match of the season. We had an hour’s drive, but there were ring road junctions blocked off that we wanted, and then a lot of stationary traffic through roadworks, so took us a lot longer than we thought.

Their team only had 3 players, but they mixed it up so our number 4 and 2nd doubles pair still got their games in. They were fairly well matched which was good for a first match in this level. Our kids lost all their matches, but it’s always a shame as the scores don’t reflect how close the individual games were with many going to deuce. I think they all enjoyed it, although now they’re playing fast version of normal games, and best of 3 sets, it’s taking a lot longer. I need to go back and see if I can arrange our home matches to start an hour earlier.

red and blue macadam tennis court from front view

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  1. Sausages with peppers and onions roasted sounds good, I will have to try that. We usually have sausages and mash, but that would add some variety. Mine aren’t casserole fans either. Glad your change of host went well. Pleased to hear the kids enjoyed the tennis match regardless of the score.

  2. Glad the host changeover went well with no complications!

    Tennis is sounding a bit frustrating with the moving up issues. I hope it does get resolved and he’s not put off

  3. The boys have been finding school exhausting too, I think they are really ramping it up! Yay for finding flip flops I need to go and get my toes done although the weather has changed here again. And yay for new clothes and that they fit, I am going the other way and need to start to seriously think about a change of diet otherwise nothing in my wardrobe will fit!

  4. I need to change hosts but I’m always so busy when it comes to sorting out the renewal. I’m sure someone told me that schools might be able to start thinking about relaxing bubbles a bit soon. Hopefully, that will sort out some of the issues. Lot’s of tennis for you this week #365

  5. My husband and I have such different food likes and needs that we rarely eat the same foods, we do however both cook our own meals at the same time and eat together. I hope the tennis sorts itself out, sounds like too many cooks involved. I hope the covid cases level off soon.

  6. Glad that N’s friend is in his bubble at school but frustrating that he finds it hard to see at the back. The moving up situation with the group tennis sounds very frustrating – hope it all gets sorted out. #project365

  7. I am glad changing hosts went well. It really is a worry when you change things.
    Oh dear, poor N having to stand up in class to see the board.
    It sounds like the tennis went well despite losing the matches. x

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