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Prestige Flowers for a striking Christmas bouquet

Since I started my flower photography course I’ve been enjoying having flowers around the house.  We’ve not got many places to put them, so the kitchen window seems to be the best place.  It’s nice to see them as we drive up, and they’re not too close to the Aga to get hot and wilt quickly.  Prestige Flowers sent me one of their Christmas bouquets and I was keen to see what they were like as I’m fairly picky with the flowers I like.

I’m always wary of flowers being delivered online rather than local delivery but I needn’t have worried.  The bouquet arrived in a generous sized cardboard box, with plenty of space around them, well wrapped without being squashed, and with enough water soaked cover on the bottom to prevent them drying out while they waited for my arrival home.  The only issue with the delivery was that there was no name on the box.  The address was right, and as I’m the one who gets sent all the boxes at the moment, my in laws and OH assumed it was for our lodger and brought it over to our house.

There was a panic when I automatically opened it knowing it to be from the right company and expected, but then panicked when N said they didn’t think it was for me.  But her receiving flowers from the same company would have been highly unlikely.  Given that many deliveries these days gets left with neighbours a name is pretty essential!

prestige flowers bouquet

The Christmas flowers were gorgeous.  It was a purple and white theme, just right for me, and nestled amongst the blooms are stars (or magic wands as N described them), and ‘berries’.  It’s a really pretty bouquet, and makes a statement being something other than the traditional red and gold at Christmas.  I have purple baubles on my tree so it was very well suited for me.

prestige flowers christmas bouquet

The flowers came with a vase, similarly well boxed, and a box of chocolates (which I hid away before N could snaffle them as he has a tendency to do).  It’s lovely to get a vase because sometimes you can never find one suitable.  It minimalistic in style, but fits the bouquet perfectly.

prestige flowers

I was really impressed that not one flower was crushed, especially when recently I managed to get chrysanthemums from town 7 miles away, and on getting them home found petals were already falling off.  Prestige Flowers are certainly a company I would trust to deliver a special floral gift to friends or family.  In the box were also various vouchers off the next delivery which is always a nice touch.

chrysanthemums christmas flowers

white rose

Prestige Flowers offer a variety of Christmas bouquets, at different pricing levels, with additional gifts to choose from. From traditional coloured red themes to others more muted tones like these, there’s a choice for everyone.

Do you ever buy flowers online?

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Disclosure: I was sent a Christmas bouquet gift set for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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