Teddy bear love

Although he’s always had some teddies (well, elephant, cow, polar bear, dog and teddy) at the head of his cot that occasionally he chucks out, Nathaniel’s never really been that fussed about cuddly toys.  He has a small Peter Rabbit which I give him for bed along with his taggy blanket, but even that doesn’t get that much attention.

He also has a ‘My Pal Scout’ which I won a few years ago, and couldn’t get rid of.  He quite likes it (although the batteries are now dying and I’m getting sick of it only now playing 2 songs instead of it’s wider repertoire), but again it’s just another toy rather than anything he’s attached to.

But he’s now got to the stage where when he’s tired he wants to roll and lie on the floor sucking his thumb.  He’ll also go and find his taggy if it’s within reach.  But the last couple of days he’s gone to his toy bucket and found his big teddy bear to hold.  It was a gift to him when he was born from one of my work colleague’s little daughters, Bea.  So I’ve named it B Bear.

It’s not far off his size, but he does look so cute with it.

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