toddler in the snow

It’s snow fun

I’m not a fan of snow.  Well, I suppose I am, as long as I don’t have to:

  • Go anywhere or get back from anywhere.  That’s work, shopping, nursery run, err anywhere!

Actually that’s it. Snow’s all very nice to look at, go walking in (if it’s just you, obedient dogs and camera, no kids to lug round), but if you need to do anything and you don’t live within walking distance of work, shops and friends, then it’s a total inconvenience.

We’re had 2 lots in a week (for those of you without, I’m so jealous), and although it’s not been massive amounts (a few inches), it’s enough to want to stay inside and not get the car out.  Last week it appeared on Saturday, which totally ruined our plans for Sunday which was a long diarised online mums & babies meet.  Very disappointing for all involved but much safer than any of us trying to get from snowy places to another snowy place some distance away.

Luckily the snow didn’t last too long, but the frozen slushiness did see me getting stuck trying to drive out of the final hilly lip of the day nursery drive onto the (thankfully gritted) hill.  Four attempts and finally with some extra grit put out by the owner, a decent run up and all the vehicles on the hill waiting patiently for the for use to get out onto the road.  That embarrassing and scary experience meant today’s nursery run I had to persuade OH to take us in the pick-up.

Last week, we decided to take N out briefly to experience the snow.  Some of his cousins were out sledging on our hill so we 4×4’d it up the fields and stood at the top of the hill with him.  I even managed to get him to keep his mittens on (by putting them on, then coat over the top so the coat cuffs hold the mittens on).  He doesn’t have wellies so we just had to hold him but he didn’t seem too cold, just a bit unimpressed with it all.

toddler in the snow

I expect next year if we get snow he’ll be a bit more excited.  But I have a feeling he’ll be the one wanting to pick the others up at the bottom of the hill with the quad bike to take them to the top again…it’s the way to go sledging!

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  1. Like you, I’m not a huge fan of snow unless I’m in a huge country hotel being waited on and not having to go outside. I suppose I will have to make an attempt to like it more once my son is old enough to go outside and play in it. Or maybe, I could pass that job to my husband and stand on the sidelines instead with a big cup of hot chocolate.

    1. That’s sounds like my idea of bliss, hot chocolate in the snow. I don’t mind the playing in it – apart from not having wellies that go over my calves, and the being stuck in without roads being gritted. Thankfully we don’t have much round here usually

  2. Snow is only fun if A) it’s fresh, clean, and pure white and B) you live in place that snow’s 1/4″ once a year if you’re lucky. It sounds quite dangerous to drive in, and much more fun to play in. If it’s clean, of course.

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